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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 7 comments Hello fellow audio book listeners! I'm curious if you prefer the same narrators for a series or different narrators for each book in the series.

message 2: by Rochelle (new)

Rochelle | 98 comments I am good with either. Sometimes I like the narrator so much, I want to hear him/her do the whole series but if I don't like them that much, i would much rather them only do one book in the series.

message 3: by Pax (new)

Pax Sinclair | 3 comments I like the same narrator for the whole series. It throws me off if I have to get use to a new one, especially after reading a few books in the series.

message 4: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Sharpe (abigailsharpe) | 43 comments I don’t use audiobooks, but I tried to imagine.

How hard is it to listen to a book if you don’t like the narrator?

B. C. Booklover (bcbooklover) | 367 comments I have listened in KU but dont have Audible. If I don't like their voice, I return to just reading. That's one reason I don't just listen. Sometimes they talk too slow for me and I find myself reading ahead of them. But, if someone is supposed to have an accent in the book, they need to have one in the audio version. If I was reading a series I would want the same voice, if they were good. When listening instead of reading while sitting or laying..I actually have fallen asleep!

message 6: by Celicia (new)

Celicia Fowlkes | 1 comments Yes. It is better to have the same narrators for the series. I don't listen to audiobooks often but I have to say that you are more familiar with the characters as you listen through the series there was a statement in one of the comments about the narrators voice. It is the difference in a person actually listening to that book and enjoying it. If the narrator sucks, your book will sick in your listeners ears.
As a former librarian, I have heard customers complain that they did not enjoy the book because of the narrator. They still liked the book but was inconvenienced for that one issue of having to read the book instead of listening.

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