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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Havens (mehavens) | 7 comments Have you ever been pursued by a book? Maybe it's not a book but some other object? While this experience may sound like some sort of paranormal phenomenon, it's very real (maybe?). Let me explain.
When I became the Anthropology Subject Selector here at ACC, I started becoming familiar with our current Anthropology collection. Subject Selectors are not necessarily given a subject based on their expertise so, prior to becoming the Anthropology Subject Selector, my only experience with Anthropology was one class in undergrad. Think I made a B in it (?).
Knowing little about Anthropology, it was important for me to really analyze the current ANTH collection and familiarize myself with the different Library of Congress subject headings for ANTH. Boring library talk aside, I was thrilled to know that folktales were considered Anthropology!! I do love some good folktales, legends, and origin stories!!
One book in particular, Women Who Run with the Wolves, stuck out. It appeared in several ACC libraries and it was about the female archetype in folklore. I was intrigued but didn't add it to my ever-growing to-read list because, boundaries.
A month or two later, I saw that my best friend was reading it. Hmmm....interesting. I went from never seeing this book to a close friend reading it. O.k.
Fast forward to Christmas. I'm at my aunt's house which is full of books - her books, my grandparents' books, etc. Lo and behold: Women Who Run with the Wolves is on the shelf! I asked my aunt if it was hers and she said it was my grandmother's. That warmed my heart. My grandmother, the stereotypical 50s housewife, owned a book on female archetypes and feminism!??! LOVE IT! My grandmother was a huge influencer in my reading and my decision to become a librarian, but more on her in a later post.
So I asked to borrow it and a few others.
TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER (I'm the worst. If you loan me a book, it will take me two years to read it, minimum): Women Who Run with Wolves is now up for reading, after seeing it on yet another list of books to read (source: Bibliophile, list of feminist books).
I'm so excited to read it!! I firmly believe in good book timing (it's a God thing) and now is the right time for Women Who Run with Wolves.

What about you: what book/s have relentlessly pursued you? Do you have books that show up in multiple places until you break down and read them? Is it breaking down, or is it just the right time?? :)
Would love to hear from you!!

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahmargaretrosereads) | 3 comments Love it! I totally believe in good book timing, in that something may beg to be read until finally, when it's the right time, you read it. Or sometimes I think it's fine for it to not be the right time for a particular book.
I always think of this as putting off reading a book until it just MUST be read. And sometimes I do think that happens in a providential way!

This happens most to me with other people's book recs. I like getting recs but I don't necessarily read them...I just put them in a mental list, from which they might be retrieved at an opportune moment, or forever forgotten... When I was in college, my dad mentioned the book Kristen Lavransdatter to me on one of our many lunch dates. Naturally I did not read it, because college. I was only reading my course books (or books on other extremely important subjects like He's Just Not That Into You). A few years later, slightly more matured by my graduation and beginning work and losing my dad, I picked up Kristen Lavransdatter and finally read it... and decided it was one of my favorite books! But if I had read it a few years earlier, so much of that book and its more serious themes would have gone over my head or not resonated the same way. I think I could also read this book later and get more/different things out of it (e.g. after marriage, after children).

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