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message 1: by Henk (new)

Henk | 80 comments Just to get some life into this group ...

Have you ever picked up a book purely on the basis of goodreads recommendations? How was your experiences?

I found the recommendations either very obvious (hey, you liked volumes 1-10 of a series, what about reading vol 11?) or rather disappointing. Maybe I have a difficult taste, but my impression is that the recommendations are heavily skewed towards popular books.

What do y'all think?

message 2: by warhawke, The Dark One (new)

warhawke | 249 comments Mod
Before I have GR friends, I look for GR recommendations. It's a hit or miss thing. I believe he recommendation is based on genre in general and probably on users bookshelves so sometimes it can be something totally off.

I think a better place to find recommendation is from the Listopia which can be more specific to certain types of book you're looking for.

message 3: by Hikaoru (new)

Hikaoru (hikaoru13) | 19 comments I'm totally a sucker for good covers. Like if the recommended book is pretty, why not?
But for real, I'd rather go to a bookstore and browse their collection.

message 4: by Krishna (new)

Krishna Panikker | 2 comments I prefer the public library....I borrow books which I have not heard the moment I am reading "Booked to die by John Dunning,The Devilvcrept in and A Perfect crime.

message 5: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Kang (phillipk) | 3 comments I'm not drawn towards GR recommendations. I'm not so sure the platform is impartial since it belongs to Amazon. I prefer to check out independent reviews.

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