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message 1: by Christer (new)

Christer Björk | 2 comments From what I remember, this book is about a guy who enters a food contest but don't know what to make. He then somehow travels to a foreign country where he meets this girl who later turns out to be Dracula daughter and her father is "supposedly dead" and somehow Dracula is connected to the family of the main character.

In the end, he decides to make blood pudding with blood plasma but just as he's about put in it, he drops it but the girl gives him, her vampyre blood as replacement and he wins the contest.

I think I read the book somewhere between 2009-2011 but I don't know the title, author or when it was released.

message 2: by Kris (last edited Apr 18, 2019 02:58PM) (new)

Kris | 32130 comments Mod
Christer, is this book for older adults or teens (young adults)?

Can you tell us more about the protagonist - his age, job/student/skills/interests, hometown, personality, etc.?

What's the genre or tone - funny, horror, mystery, adventure, romance, etc.?

message 3: by Christer (new)

Christer Björk | 2 comments The book is for teens and kids, as for the protagonist, from what I can remember, he is a underdog, he's young, like somewhere in middle or junior high school so he's a student. The genres is probably mystery, adventure and romance.

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