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message 1: by Dan (last edited Apr 16, 2019 08:07PM) (new)

Dan | 849 comments I recently read and reviewed Gate of Ivrel here: I mention my review (in this group) because in the first paragraph I cited an author Andre Norton admired greatly by the name of David Mason (1924-1974) Curious about the work of this author I'd never before heard of, I pulled up both his entries in Gutenberg.

The first one is titled "Something Will Turn Up" (1963), and darned if it wasn't a Classic Weird story. A really good one at that! Do you agree that this is Classic Weird, or am I broadening the definition too wide and starting to see too much as Weird:

The other David Mason story carried by Gutenberg, "Garrity's Annuities" (1956), is just as wonderful, but it's straight up science fiction. Or is it? I swear it has a strong twist of Classic Weird too, a certain element of horror is present for any devoted polygamist:

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Kateblue got em. Will read soon

message 3: by Dan (last edited Apr 16, 2019 08:29PM) (new)

Dan | 849 comments Here are another two David Mason short stories I was able to find. They're even more in the Weird mode than the previous two. I gave the previous two nine ratings at ISFDB ( I gave "The Time" a 10. It has the makings of a classic to my eyes. I gave the four-page story "Road Stop" a nine despite it being oddly prescient (view spoiler).

"The Time" (1970):
"Road Stop" (1963):

What is it about Mason's writing that seems so magical? How does he make it look so easy? Here is a little more I was able to find about Mason:

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