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PostPerry | 95 comments This would have been better as a trilogy I think. The plot was intricate enough, lots of characters and factions, perfect ending to leave everyone satisfied but hopeful for more. Overall the supporting characters could have had more depth and the overall emotional structure was a bit cardboard but there were moments of intensity or richness. I was left with a strong Dorothy/ TheresNoPlaceLikeHome feeling and the concept of the vestiges was a philosophical layer I found intriguing (particularly in light of the recent Notre Dame catastrophe). I was puzzled by the third sex/gender of the Hwaeans at first but when I figured it out, quite loved it. I wish gender neutral pronouns were more prevalent in English and neopronouns of any type are fascinating to me. The cultural system of passing on names as social role to one's offspring was a interesting aspect of the Hwaean culture as well. The main character's struggles with the hair pins was quite anxiety producing for me, I appreciate her ending with a better alternative just as her personal awareness, confidence, and growth blossomed simultaneously.

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