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Hello! I have finished writing my novel some time ago and am now looking for beta readers. The story hasn't gone through any extensive editing so there will be some grammar mistakes and the likes. (I hope that's okay!) The feedback I'm mainly looking for is if the story is interesting to you. If it hooks you in and makes you want to keep reading. (Grammar/prose feedback is also appreciated, but that's not my main concern.)

Here is the blurb:

"Tyler is like many other people. Directionless. Lost. Looking for some kind of purpose at the great crossroads of life. But like so many others, he is left clueless.

That is, until, he encounters Stephen. A man who is from a mystical race of Magi that have been long forgotten to the sands of time. They are a powerful race, wielding elemental powers that could be akin to that of gods.

Tyler learns that he is a crossbreed. The offspring of a Magi and a Human. Blessed with the magical powers of the Magi and the intelligence of a human. Making him the perfect candidate to serve as one of many ambassadors to help bring the Magi back into the world of humans without another war breaking out.

Thus, he has the purpose he has been looking for. One which can affect the world on a global scale.

But when disaster strikes and someone close to Tyler is killed, he must flee the country for just a chance at survival."

If you would also want to check out the story before committing to anything here is the link to the first three chapters (~6.6k words):

Thank you for taking the time to check this out!

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Jade's Secret Storms wrote: "Hi, Jake! First, congratulations on finishing your novel! The blurb you provided is interesting. Please PM me on Goodreads or email me at to discuss alpha/beta reading. ..."

Hello Jade! If you'd like to try out my story here's a link to it:
(It's only the first three chapters.)

You can leave comments and suggestions on that doc if you want to. And if you like it I can send you more of the story.

Thanks for offering to do this!

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Jade's Secret Storms wrote: "I definitely would like to read more of the story and provide feedback. Do you have an email address I can reach you at?
~ Jade"

You can reach me at I can send you more parts of the story as you read through them.

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