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message 1: by High Plains (new)

High Plains Library District (hpld) | 22 comments Mod
Consider this sentiment echoed throughout the book: “What is a community? It is the sum total of our choices.” (p. 312) By this definition, how do the townspeople of Beartown ultimately measure up? What kind of community have they built?

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda Martin | 3 comments I believe they created a community over many years. Like a stalactite, drop by drop, it became larger, thicker and inescapable. At some point it was bound to get too thick and heavy and drop away-and then begin again. Hockey became the end-all hope and definition of this dying community. The townsfolk didn’t want to lose anymore than they already experienced, and one girl was trying to take it all away from them!

Megan | 0 comments Linda, I love your analogy of a stalactite.

I think of a community as the sum total of the individuals in the community. Communities can be big or small. A community can be your family, it can be a town, it can be a country, it can be a church, or a school, or any environment in which people come together. In a community, we don't always agree or see eye to eye but there is some shared connection, even if it's the shared connection of living in the same town or having a passion for hockey. Hockey is what brings Beartown together but sometimes it also tears them apart.

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