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Brittany (brittburkard) I'm looking for a series from my childhood/preteen years; I would have read them in the mid to late 90s alongside stuff like Animorphs, Everworld, The Watchers, etc. I remember several of them creeped me out. Not R.L. Stine.

Science fiction books, all unrelated stories but under the same series title, not sure if they all have the same author. Covers were (usually) that amazing (lol) 90s computer generated graphics.

One book I can recall was about a group of children orphaned on a planet when a hoard of native insect-like creatures eats its way through town. The children are protected thanks to the school being a part of the old ship they used to get to the planet. The ship AI was their teacher and then takes on the role of being their guide once their parents are gone. (view spoiler)

Another book in the series was about some kids in a town with an archaeological dig site or museum nearby I believe? They start noticing strange plants growing and then people begin to get attacked by creatures. (view spoiler)

There were several others but I cannot recall much about them. I think there was one that had to do with a theme park or carnival also? Another with kids in a asylum or institution of some sort.

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