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message 1: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2183 comments Mod
Wow. Appropriate to add a groupread topic in his honor?

message 2: by S.E., Gray Mouser (last edited Apr 15, 2019 02:02PM) (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2183 comments Mod
Jack wrote: "S.E. wrote: "Wow. Appropriate to add a groupread topic in his honor?"

I think that is a good idea."

I added an option. You want to send a broadcast message with an update? If not, I can.

Would be interesting to gauge interest. Worked well for Tanith Lee I recall.


message 3: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Rypel (tedrypel) | 122 comments Jack wrote: "Just read the news that author Gene Wolfe died yesterday. I’m a big fan of his books, and I know many members of our group are too"

Very sad news. A great writer. Back in the '80s I recall that my personal circle of fantasy-writer/reader friends was aflame with enthusiasm over Gene Wolfe's unique works. He'll be missed but never marginalized. R.I.P.

message 4: by Joseph, Master Ultan (new)

Joseph | 1184 comments Mod
One of my all-time favorites, arguably the best writer out there, and it's been entirely too long since I read any of his work.

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