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G.K. Werner (gkwerner) | 9 comments Hi folks!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my interview with E. C. Stever has been posted on his blog It was a pleasure interviewing with him and I encourage everyone to check out his spec-fiction books. I thoroughly enjoyed Non Metallic and I’m now reading Dragon Removal Service. It’s based on one of those ideas you wish you’d thought of—but E. C. Stever did.

To celebrate my first interview ever, I’m offering The Sword and the Way ebook free on Amazon from now until Wednesday 4-17-19 at 11:59 PM. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who already grabbed it—and you might want to grab it again while it’s free because I recently added a character list, glossary, and Xaichen pronunciation guide I hope will be helpful to readers. Not to mention a new cover, courtesy of E. C. Stever.

If you favor complex plots, multiple POVs, swordplay and skullduggery with a touch of humor and romance from a Biblical perspective, you might like it. Martial arts enthusiasts and/or fans of the old Kung Fu TV show starring David Carradine might also get a kick out of it. (See what I did there?) If you do enjoy it, please rate it and, if you have time, leave a quick review.

Thanks so much!

G. K. Werner

message 2: by Lara (new)

Lara Lee | 500 comments Mod
Feel free to join our newest review circle. Sign-up has just started and you can have this book reviewed while getting to read two books by others.

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