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C. Leigh Smith (caseyleigh23) | 1 comments The completed manuscript is over 120k with 24 chapters. But we're open to anyone sampling a few chapters before deciding if this book is for them. Had a few readers so far and received good feedback but want to throw our net further afield. Read below for a brief synopsis and drop us a message if this interests you!

At the height of his High-School life, Tristan Danes and his closest friends are caught up in a freak storm which drops unlimited supernatural powers in their laps, testing their resolve and their friendships.

Now over 20 years later their children are facing similar choices, with the dark force behind the storm building once more...

Jonathan Taylor is the lead singer, songwriter and lead guitar of a band he created with his best friend in their early teens. Now, with high-school almost over Jonathan is determined for the band to succeed, to rocket themselves into Rock-stardom and have his music FINALLY heard. But when he figures out the meaning behind all his songs it throws the bands future into turmoil. As well as their friendships.

Will Anderson is the drummer, burly and stoic with a love of motorbikes and lifting weights. But the dark family secret he's just uncovered threatens his relationship with his brother, and forces him to question his own life.

Brooke Danes is the only daughter of Tristan, and is over-protected by the men in her family. A series of stolen kisses in the night leads her into having feelings for a guy she knows will only break her, but she keeps falling anyway...

Rosie Taylor is petite, blonde and bubbly...So her own dark secrets are well hidden from the rest of her friends. Will she be able to conquer her inner demons, or will they claim her and destroy her from the inside out?

Join Jonathan, Will, Brooke, Rosie and all their friends on the first steps of their journey of self-discovery, love, hate and understanding, as they fight for their futures.

This is the first book in a planned series.

message 2: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Sequeira (elaine-sequeira) | 2 comments Happy to beta read the book. Send me a few chapters and let me know details of your target audience.

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