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Karen Zeliff | 1 comments Hi. New to groups. Reading Wives of War now and enjoying it. However, I’d like to read non-fiction about WWI nurses and other women who served. If there’s a way to search here in groups, please also tell me that.

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KOMET | 48 comments The Backwash of War: An American Classic and Other Essays by Ellen N. La Motte

The Backwash of War An American Classic and Other Essays by Ellen N. La Motte

LaMotte (1873-1961) was an American nurse, journalist, and author. In 1915, she was one of the first American nurses to go to Europe to treat wounded Allied soldiers. She worked in a French field hospital in Belgium, where she kept a diary detailing her experiences.

"The Backwash of War" is a reflection of LaMotte's nursing experiences on the Western Front.

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Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 310 comments Mod
Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain. Brittain dropped out of Oxford in 1915 to become a nurse, serving in London, Malta, and on the Western Front.

If there's a way to search in groups, I don't know of it.

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