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C. Leigh Smith (caseyleigh23) | 4 comments Looking for other aspiring authors to share works.

We know the word count is daunting, but if you're interested in giving us a read we have the perfect offer for you. As we're co-authors of the series you get two beta's for the price of one!

We're open to anything with similar themes and genres. However we're not overly into Sci-Fi or certain sub-genres of high fantasy. But we will promise to read your book eagerly with an open mind.

Have a read below of our series synopsis and drop us a message if you want to swap...

At the height of his High-School life, Tristan Danes and his closest friends are caught up in a freak storm which drops unlimited supernatural powers in their laps, testing their resolve and their friendships.

Now over 20 years later their children are facing similar choices, with the dark force behind the storm building once more...

Jonathan Taylor is the lead singer, songwriter and lead guitar of a band he created with his best friend in their early teens. Now, with high-school almost over Jonathan is determined for the band to succeed, to rocket themselves into Rock-stardom and have his music FINALLY heard. But when he figures out the meaning behind all his songs it throws the bands future into turmoil. As well as their friendships.

Will Anderson is the drummer, burly and stoic with a love of motorbikes and lifting weights. But the dark family secret he's just uncovered threatens his relationship with his brother, and forces him to question his own life.

Brooke Danes is the only daughter of Tristan, and is over-protected by the men in her family. A series of stolen kisses in the night leads her into having feelings for a guy she knows will only break her, but she keeps falling anyway...

Rosie Taylor is petite, blonde and bubbly...So her own dark secrets are well hidden from the rest of her friends. Will she be able to conquer her inner demons, or will they claim her and destroy her from the inside out?

Join Jonathan, Will, Brooke, Rosie and all their friends on the first steps of their journey of self-discovery, love, hate and understanding, as they fight for their futures.

This is the first book in a planned series.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Gomes | 3 comments I would love to share my work with you. Mine is already published so I will read yours if you could read and review mine. If you are interested please respond to this.

message 3: by C. (new)

C. Leigh Smith (caseyleigh23) | 4 comments Ashley wrote: "I would love to share my work with you. Mine is already published so I will read yours if you could read and review mine. If you are interested please respond to this."

Thank you so much for your reply! Could you tell us a little bit about your work?

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Vanessa MacLaren-Wray | 5 comments Hi, if you're still looking for swaps, your story sounds like a fun read--the rock band/fantasy combo is a new one for me and word count doesn't scare me.

My own piece is on the long side as well, pushing 150k, though I'm hunting for ways to trim it down without sacrificing worldbuilding or character development. It's a YA/NA fantasy but neither high fantasy nor urban's more of a political/social piece with magic that appears sparingly but with (I hope) an unusual rule-based nature. The novel has something of an alternate-history sense with non-European characters, a late-medieval social structure . . . but then people with guns turn up and the culture needs to change.

The blurb goes like this:

Dorêt des Remages knows a sorcerer when she sees one. When the king sends Lidian to Levoigne to tutor Dorêt and her siblings, Dorêt is convinced Lidian is a sorcerer and probably a spy as well. Dorêt catches her little brother carrying secret coded letters from Lidian, and she turns to her friends for help. The imam's apprentice deciphers the messages, but he sees more politics than sorcery in them. The girl Dorêt most trusts urges her to back off, but Dorêt will stop at nothing to unmask Lidian. When she discovers Lidian is going to the capital, she makes plans to follow. Neither Dorêt nor Lidian will be the same when they return.

Lidian's Promise blends magic and gunpowder, feudalism and Islam, friendship and loyalty, as a young woman takes the first steps towards her true destiny. For a taste, stir together Wilson's history-plus-magic of The Bird King with the social issues-plus-kickass girl-hero of the Ms. Marvel series.

If you want more info, I've posted a more-detailed plea for betas on the main thread for that in this group.

message 5: by Elena (new)

Elena Leman (elena_leman) | 44 comments Hi! If you're still looking for a critique partner / swap, here's my blurb. Let me know if you'd be interested.



Rough Blurb

Orobella is a cosmic wanderer, living borrowed lives in borrowed bodies. Her mission on Instaar is the same as always—collecting the psychic crystals while having as much fun as her new physical form is capable of, no strings attached. But once she meets the hypnotically mysterious Sambor, both her body and soul start yearning for more. She makes him an offer he cannot refuse.

In the world where creatures of death and darkness drive men mad, unfeeling has been Sambor’s greatest life achievement. As the future leader of the Lasota tribe and a spiritual tattoo artist, he cannot afford the luxury of mental weakness. Yet his meticulously constructed equilibrium is shaken up when a disturbingly alluring pixie promises to save his baby sister, in exchange for a sacred Lasota tattoo. He can’t say no. Even if that means his demons will get the best of him.

Filled with elemental magic, spirit animals, psychic terror, and a whole lot of sexual tension, this romantic fantasy is more than a love story. It’s a journey through a soul.

Genre: Romantic Fantasy / Fantasy Romance / New Adult

Word Count: 93k words

1st installment in a 3-book series (can be read as a standalone)

Working title: Instaar

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C. Leigh Smith (caseyleigh23) | 4 comments Hi guys, sorry for the incredibly late reply (in some cases), we've been up to the neck in edits, betas and swaps as of late and have only just found our way back to social media. Cutting down the distractions where we can.

Unfortunately our book has already been through two rounds of betas and we're looking at moving forward to publishing. This also means that we're not currently looking to read others work just yet, however you've definitely piqued our interest with what we've read so far of your works.

If you're still interested in having your work read in a few weeks time when things have calmed down on our end we'd be more than happy to read without the need for a swap, and maybe in the future when we've completed our second book we could come back to you?

Thank you all.

Bridget and Casey

message 7: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa MacLaren-Wray | 5 comments Bridget wrote: "Hi guys, sorry for the incredibly late reply (in some cases), we've been up to the neck in edits, betas and swaps as of late and have only just found our way back to social media. Cutting down the ..."

Good for you on moving forward! Please count me in if you're looking for some reading later this summer.

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