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message 1: by Kristie, Moderator (new)

Kristie | 4823 comments Our winning group read for May is The Lightkeeper's Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol. Please discuss here and remember to use spoiler tags as needed, as everyone may start at different times and reads at different speeds.

The Lightkeeper's Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol

Though her mind is still sharp, Elizabeth's eyes have failed. No longer able to linger over her beloved books or gaze at the paintings that move her spirit, she fills the void with music and memories of her family—a past that suddenly becomes all too present when her late father's journals are found amid the ruins of an old shipwreck.

With the help of Morgan, a delinquent teenager performing community service, Elizabeth goes through the diaries, a journey through time that brings the two women closer together. Entry by entry, these unlikely friends are drawn deep into a world far removed from their own—to Porphyry Island on Lake Superior, where Elizabeth’s father manned the lighthouse seventy years before.

As the words on these musty pages come alive, Elizabeth and Morgan begin to realize that their fates are connected to the isolated island in ways they never dreamed. While the discovery of Morgan's connection sheds light onto her own family mysteries, the faded pages of the journals hold more questions than answers for Elizabeth, and threaten the very core of who she is.

message 2: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn | 5 comments Absolutely loved this book

message 3: by Carol (new)

Carol (fleter) | 117 comments Just finished. I really enjoyed this - very satisfying read. Elements of the past, a family story being slowly revealed, and yearning for closure for the characters. The young girl’s roughness took away a bit from the story - felt unnecessary to make her that rough. A book I will recommend.

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