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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA fiction - medieval setting - twins girls born, one has port wine stain birthmark on face so gets smuggled to a nunnery for safety?

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Fiona (fifi_0101) | 4 comments I read this in early 2000s (maybe 2001-2002?) and it was in my school library so I think it was technically YA but had some more adult themes in it. I think it may have been written in 90s? Or 80s?
Here are some points I remember:
•There was a woman (either one of the twins or maybe the mother of the twins??) who was forced to get married to some bad guy. He would rape her.
•She became pregnant to the bad guy. There was a belief that you could only fall pregnant if you “enjoyed“ the sex. So because she was afraid he would think the baby wasn’t his, and beat her or kill her, she had to start pretending to enjoy it.
•There May have been more books in the story??
•There was something about one of the twins (with the birth mark) having to be smuggled away because there was fear the baby would be killed due to the mark.

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Fiona, is this a historical romance novel? If so, can you describe the hero?

Can you tell us more about the twin sisters - e.g., their age, parents, rich/titled/poor/etc., skills/interests?

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Fiona (fifi_0101) | 4 comments The twins were born out of a violent marriage, and one was born with a red wine stain on her face. The story starts with the mum being terrified in the forced and violent marriage in medieval times. The twins are born and the story continues with them. One twin (I think the one with red wine stain on face) goes to live in a convent. Can’t remember what happens to the other twin.

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