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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA with blue cover with girl sitting in sand looking out at the beach set in a beach town in New England that has a bunch of immigrant families where a girl lives with her mom who sews clothing to make money

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Casey Wettach | 1 comments So I am looking for this book that is set in New England in a beach community that is super busy after Labor Day and dies down after Memorial day. It is full of immigrant families and her mom sews for the community, making gowns and such. Her mom had wanted her to try on this bridesmaids dress she was making for a neighbors daughters wedding. Something else I remember is that the girl is saying how their is always a bunch of sand in the house. Their is also a part where she and this guy are eating crab cakes outside of this seafood shack on the beach before heading to these sand dunes where there is a party. I read this book back around maybe 2015-2016. Please Help!!

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Kris | 32292 comments Mod
Casey, which country do these families come from?

How old is the heroine? Is there romance?

Who is her father and what's his job? Does she have siblings?

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