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message 1: by Latricia (new)

Latricia | 3 comments I am going to tell you about 3 different books but all with the same 3 brothers in them.
There last name might be anderson and one of the brothers names might be cole. Its just something that pops in my head whwn i try thinking of these books.

1. Woman was out with a group of girls. Maybe out at a club some how one girl is seperated from the pack and is chased. While running she sees a autoshop and runs in there for help. The guy agrees to pretend to be her boyfrind to scare the guy they see across the street away. I think this guy chasing this woman is a vampire but when he enters the shop. He knows that they arent boyfriend and girlfriend and lets her know he will be back. Some reason she agrees for him to help her and she has to go back to a hotel to get her stuff. I believe this guy is the alpha of the pack.

2. A woman finds out she is pregnant cant find a job and goes home to see she has been evited from her apartment. Which no choices left she goes to the baby daddy who doesnt know he is a baby daddy. Nor is he ready to be one he puts off claming her and decides he wants to play games. The alpha decides to find her a mate. When someone steps up to help i think he is some kind of relation to the baby daddy. But he is sent out of town to go get someone or help someone but he ends up finding his mate.

3. The woman in this book has a bad life her husband beats her for now reason. But this time he beats her and before she blacks out she makes a wish that she can be like the woman in her book. Have a mate who would love and protect her. She falls into someones lap while he is drinking a beer. Its his mate but she is beaten badly as she heals she has a gift to see kids in trouble or need of help. She travels to them to help in some way but then she is given a choice to stay and help or go back to her old life. But she is dieing in that life.

I want to say this is
Shifter romance not YA

message 2: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38268 comments Mod
Latricia, please add some of those details to your header/title - we have hundreds of threads looking for paranormal romance and yours needs to stand out at one glance.

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