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Gerard O'Neill | 22 comments Atoma and the Blockchain by Gerard O'Neill


I have a very recently published YA science fiction book wanting reviews. This is a 300 page Book One of the Atoma series.

The year is 2050, and Earth planet is controlled by a single corporation that uses AI to monitor and control the population. Atoma is about to turn 16. She must attend a ceremony in her town to receive her Bricard. That is what should happen. Instead, disaster strikes.

Here's a brief synopsis.

My school's air-shuttle crashed.

My life is saved by modern A.I. only for it to discover my secret.

A secret my mother has been hiding from me my entire life.

I'm not legally human, and that means I have no rights, and no citizenship.

I am a Zero.

But they give me a choice.

I can slave in a work camp on the frozen tundra, or train in a secret facility for a high-risk expedition along with other Zeroes.

It looks like a suicide mission, I'll probably die.

If I don't, my life will be short and hard.

That's some choice, right?

It's a good thing there are flaws in their plans, and one of those is me.

Message me if you are interested.


message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina Brunner (ceejaybee) | 2 comments I have wanted to dive into a sci-fi book! I am very interested! Sounds like nothing I've read before!

message 3: by Gerard (new)

Gerard O'Neill | 22 comments Thanks Christina!

I've just emailed you an ePub along with the Bookfunnel link to download a copy in any format that might better suit whatever you are reading it on.

Thanks for your interest in my book, I really appreciate it.


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