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message 1: by Holly R W (new)

Holly R W | 1105 comments Mira Jacob's first book, "The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing", was remarkable to me. I loved both the story and her beautiful style of writing. That is what led me to want to read this new book of hers, "Good Talk". This book is every bit as original as her previous one.

"Good Talk" is the first graphic novel I have ever read. To me, this is a completely different format. I liked how the author incorporated her drawings with photographs, creating montages. Particularly, I loved seeing the actual photos of herself and family members.

The book is Ms. Jacob's memoir as a person of color living in the U.S. Race is her focus and she details how having brown skin and being an American of Indian descent has affected her life, both here in the states and on family trips to India. The political optimism she felt with Obama as president contrasts sharply with her dislike and fear of Trump.

She has an inquisitive young son (called "Z" in the book) whom she loves dearly. He is trying to understand differences in skin color and what they mean. She answers him as honestly as she can, while still trying to be protective. Towards the end of the book, she writes: "I still have trouble admitting (that) I can't protect you from everything. I can't protect you from becoming a brown man in America."

Ms. Jacobs is often angry in the book about the racism she sees in our society and in her day to day encounters with other people, including selected family members and friends. She both loves her husband (who is a Jewish American) and feels that he can not precisely understand her experiences.

As said earlier, this is my first encounter with a graphic novel. I may read another one, but do prefer reading a traditionally written book.

message 2: by Magdalena (new)

Magdalena | 414 comments Great review! This sounds interesting, I've been looking for a good graphic novel with surious theme since I read and enjoyed my first ever graphic novel The Complete Persepolis a few months ago.

message 3: by Holly R W (new)

Holly R W | 1105 comments Thank you, Magdalena. I hope you enjoy it!

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