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A Lab of One's Own: Science and Suffrage in the First World War
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Q1. “A Lab of One’s Own” tells the stories of many unheralded #womeninscience at the turn of the century & during WW1 in Britain. Do you know of any books or articles highlighting pioneering women in STEMM in your own country at this time?

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Q2. The idea that women are a better “fit” for some STEMM fields like biology & medicine rather than physics & maths is often suggested, even in 2018. How do we best combat these stereotypes and outdated views?

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Q3. Do you think the suffrage movement & collective organisation in Britain contributed to women moving into STEMM fields?

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Q4. “A Lab of One’s Own” describes women entering academia for the first time being pushed into admin, teaching and housekeeping rolls. Does this continue today and if so, why?

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Q5. Is it important that some of our politicians have a background in STEMM? Do you know what % of your elected representatives have a STEMM degree? Is STEMM viewed as s topic of national importance in your country?

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Q6. Who would you name in the top 10 historical women of influence in science from your own country? How many of them would be household names?

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