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Women Kind: Unlocking the Power of Women Supporting Women
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Q1. #WomenKind powerfully describes the way that women support & promote each other through informal & formal networks. What are the best examples you have seen of this in the #STEMM sector?

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Q2. In #WomenKind @kirstinferguson describes the idea of the @CelebratingWom campaign coming to her while on holiday. With many of us currently on leave, how important is it to take time & space away from work to generate new & bold ideas?

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Q3. The subtitle of #WomenKind is “Unlocking the power of women supporting women”. *How* have the networks you have been part of done this most successfully? Is it through targeted programs, sisterhood, advice, something else?

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Q4. In #WomenKind @kirstinferguson writes of “ditching the ladder...& throwing down the fishing net” to improve gender inequality. What are the best examples you have seen of this? How can we achieve more of this in STEMM?

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Q5. “You can’t be what you can’t see” is a phrase often used to support the promotion of female role models, but can be divisive. Do you find this phrase useful or problematic for #womeninSTEMM ?

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Q6. In #WomenKind @corporatefox & @kirstinferguson tear apart the “Queen Bee” myth, yet this stereotype remains pervasive, even in the #STEMM sector. What do you think?

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