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simple forms?

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((I have to go..will have to do mine tomorrow))

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Age- Unknown, but appears 19

Appearance: Dark brown hair that hangs to his shoulders, white male, blue eye, a hole where his left eye should be.


Personality- Cold, reserved, introverted. But kind and caring to those he loves...which so far is his mother and sister.

Likes- being the god of smoke and ashes, reading, learning.

dislike- discipline and the act of hatred.

Natural clothes on a normal day:

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Yay! so how we gonna do this?

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Vasilios walked silently, following the same deer. His mother had poisoned it for their pleasure, his job was to heal it.

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((lol its cool!!!))

Vasilios lingered back, masking his presence from the girl. His eyes widened as she healed it and he suddenly stepped forward, clouds wisping involuntarily at his ankles

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"You saved it" he tilted his head, looking at her with his big blue eyes.
"Why? You didn't have too" Vasilios moved forward slightly.
"I'm not going to hurt you, so stop it with the fear...I can practically taste it"

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Vasilios rolled his eye slightly, looking up "dear zeus, help me" he whispers
"I am Vasilios, God of smoke and ashes" he introduced
"My mother, althens, poisioned the deer and I was trying to save it"

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"The thrill of the hunt, she enjoys watching others kill" Vasilios replies, shifting away from her "I need to go, get the hunter off my track, I suggest you follow"

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Vasilios looked at her warily, his stormy grey/blue eyes sparkling slightly "What?" he says roughly, pulling them towards the lighter brush.
"My past, is that what you are asking?"

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