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message 1: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Kiper (jacobkiper) | 90 comments Title: Liquor: The Servant of Man
Author: Morris E. Chafetz
ISBN: 9787240007976
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (Boston & Toronto)
Publication Date: 1965
Library of Congress Catalog Card: 65-15238
Format: Hardback
Description: Throughout history man has made use of liquor. No other human custom -save sex- has persisted so long and has been subject to so much myth and misapprehension. Dr. Morris E. Chafetz, an internationally known and respected authority on alcoholism, now turns his attention to the long-suffering, misunderstood and often forgotten great majority of non-problem drinkers. In a delightfully provocative, candid and controversial style, Dr. Chafetz focuses on the positive aspects of liquor, even when it comes to teenage drinking and driving, liquor and crime. Fools and unjust men, he feels, have brought scandal on alcohol, an excellent social tool. He seeks to prove his point that man can -and should- drink with pleasure and without fear.

Page Count: 236

Link: Liquor: the servant of man,

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 12975 comments What is the source of your ISBN? I can't seem to find a record for it.
Here's the book with the other info:

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