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Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have
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Valerie | 351 comments I read this book for the ATY 2019 Reading Challenge Week 49: A book related to food.

A coming of age book what do I expect reading young adult books, right!? Andy is really, really fat and in high school. A brainiac is also somewhat of a loser because he stereotypes himself. The school bully intimidates all 306 pounds of him. However, as the story progresses Andy, and the rest of us, discovers that all he needs is confidence. He learns who he is and that he can use his brains to create success for himself. Then, he learns to look for what makes him happy. He becomes a strong person. Will he ever tackle that weight problem?

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Hi Valerie, I have already made corrections to previous posts but moving forward, please be sure to follow the "Title, by Author" format. Thanks :)

Valerie | 351 comments Sorry, Laura!

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