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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction...people obsessed with bidding on mysterious objects via the internet akin to Faberge-like eggs.

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message 1: by Noreen (new)

Noreen Cottrell | 3 comments Between 2010 and 2015 read part of book...Sci-fi/ dystopic near-future book published maybe between 2000 - 2015. The protagonist's friend/associate is part of a culture of people who are obsessed with bidding on and collecting eggs or egg-like objects that apparently serve no purpose other than as collectible commodities. The book synopsis might have compared them to futuristic Faberge-Type eggs. I don't think it was known where the objects came from. I believe it was set in a near future New York City and satirizes aspects of technological and internet culture. It may have involved a noir-ish mystery. It may have had the word "city" in the title. The cover may have been dark blue and yellow...or maybe not. I dunno. Thanks for any ideas!

message 2: by Noreen (new)

Noreen Cottrell | 3 comments It might have had the word hyper in the title.

message 3: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
Maybe The Mere Future? I don't know about the Faberge eggs but it's set in a dystopian future NYC, and satirizes internet culture,

message 4: by Noreen (new)

Noreen Cottrell | 3 comments Thanks for the idea. Not the one I am thinking of, but looks interesting!

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
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Caotico09 | 7 comments This probably isnt it since it since it is from 2016, and the items are less Faberge eggs and more of glowing spheres, but figured i would throw it out there because there are similarities: Burning Midnight

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