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The Other Side of Midnight
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Jgrace | 2709 comments The Other Side of Midnight - St. James
Audio performance by Mary Jane Wells
4 stars

Another post WW1 paranormal mystery/romance by Simone St. James. This isn’t exactly a series, because each of the three books that I’ve read stands completely on its own. There’s a small overlap of characters which makes it clear that the books take place in the same England of the 1920’s. It’s an England that seems historically accurate with the addition of actual ghost sightings, and in this book, a few psychic mediums, among the many frauds, who can actually contact the dead.

Ellie Winter is a reluctant psychic. Since her mother’s death she has restricted the use of her ‘powers’ to helping clients find lost items. She does have to earn a living, but she’s done with speaking to the dead. Until Gloria Sutter, her competition and former friend, is murdered. The mystery proceeds with increasing tension and frequent flashbacks filling in the blanks as to why Gloria was a ‘former’ friend. This book is set primarily in London. The trauma and psychological damage of WW1 overwhelms the city setting. Every character, major or minor, seems scarred in some way.

It was a suspenseful mystery. It did require substantial suspension of disbelief, but I was able to buy into it. Even the love story was a bit more believable than in other St. James books. (At least the characters had known each other for a number of years.) The audio performance was excellent. I was listening with headphones while major repair work was being done in my house. It provided the perfect distraction.

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Amy | 8145 comments Damn! It went on the phone TBR.

Jgrace | 2709 comments Amy wrote: "Damn! It went on the phone TBR."

Save it for Fall Flurries is you want a ghost story.

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