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message 1: by Barbara M (new)

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2149 comments I've been listening (and occasionally reading along) with this book since January and here it is finished in April! It isn't because it hasn't been an excellent book, just that I have been reading and listening in between so many other books. This is one of the larger of the Outlander books; I take that back they are all large for sure. Really, it seems like it covers a lot more territory!

It's the Revolutionary War and the Fraser family are no longer on the Ridge, they are scattered about actually with Brianna and Roger in modern times in Scotland, Jamie is presumed dead along with Jenny in a shipwreck on the return voyage from Scotland to America, Claire is married to Lord John Grey and William is bereft having found out that Lord John is not, in fact, his father. Things are a turmoil and the story follows each of them in and out of time and territory.

This is certainly a book I'd have liked to have read in a piece instead of bits here and there but it was always a joy to go back to when I had the chance. I almost feel as though I've read three of four books with the story of Brianna and Roger's adventures mixed in.

And then there's the end - which of course I will not spoil. But darn it! I was listening and expecting the start of yet another adventure and the narrators voice changes to a male who stated "The End"! What???!!!?? No, no, no. The next book isn't out and I'd put off reading this one because its been the current end of the series since 2014! I expected an end, not another beginning. I am only consoled because I hear there is another to come. Plus I've been enjoying the Starz series.

As usual Davina Porter does an absolutely wonderful job narrating the audio book.

message 2: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7101 comments It has been so long since I read these books, you have stirred up my love for them. I need time to re-read as least this one before the next is issued. I do re-call having the same reaction to the ending!

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