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Selling Hitler
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April 2019: History > Selling Hitler | Robert Harris | 4 solid stars

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Idit | 1028 comments true story. In 1983 the German newspaper Stern had an amazing exclusive: Hitler diaries have been found and after they paid millions for them, they were going to be serialized in the paper.

Rupert Murdoch and News ltd has the international rights to publish

Very shortly after first publication, it became very clear that all those diaries are forged!

What the hell happened?

Robert Harris tells a very detailed tale of greed, attraction to Hitler and his power, stupidity, secrecy and a lot of white men.
I winced, laughed, or rolled my eyes many times during the story.
So many mistakes were made, that even though they checked the diaries for authenticity, their wish for it to be real made them believe it.

Heidemann, the journalist who was driving the whole thing is such a tragic (yet awful) character. Totally blind to reality. You can't invent him.

Even thought at times I felt I'm drowning in details, I found the story amazing and fascinating.

Being a News ltd and Ruptert Murdoch (what a lizard) employee, I really enjoyed the fact that he got dragged into this (even though he was unharmed), and his descriptions were a bonus for me.
I'll be sure to look in our archives for covers of my newspaper from 1983 to see if they embarrassed themselves

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 7867 comments I have had my eye on this one-you have convinced me to add it.

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Nikki | 661 comments I really should get around to reading this - thanks for the reminder...

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