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Konstantina P. | 4 comments Hi!
Could you add this book here in goodreads and also in my author's profile? Here is the link:

* Title: Don't Let Go
* Author(s) name(s): Konstantina P.
* ISBN (or ASIN): B07QG3YGG7
* Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC
* Publication date: April 23, 2019
* Format: Kindle
* Description: I know he loves me. I can see it in his eyes whenever he looks at me, feel it in his touch whenever his fingers trace across my skin. It’s every woman’s dream, to be adored by a man—to be loved so fiercely.

Deep down I know I need him. I need him to help me feel alive, to help me breathe again. And there’s nothing I want more than to be able to love him back. But I can’t.

My fate has already been determined, and loving him would be a reckless mistake. There can be no happily ever after to our love story. In fact, we can’t have a love story at all…

Which is why I have to break his heart.
* Page count: 177

Thank you!

message 2: by Gene (new)

Gene Done.

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