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Huge Literary Discovery

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Keith | 591 comments Mod
'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time: a huge volume containing thousands of summaries of books from 500 years ago, many of which no longer exist. The Libro de los Epítomes manuscript, which is more than a foot thick, contains more than 2,000 pages and summaries and creates a window into a “lost world of 16th-century books”.

What makes the discovery even more exciting to researchers is that "it’s not just Plato and Cortez, he’s summarising everything from almanacs to news pamphlets. This is really giving us a window into the entirety of early print, much of which has gone missing, and how people read it."

Full story:

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Cari (mambaitaliana) | 326 comments Mod
How fascinating.

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Tanya (tanya712) | 237 comments Fascinating

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