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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Paranormal Romance - arranged marriage + female stumbled upon male with another and rejecting her

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I don't remember the year I read this book or the author. Been a while since I read it too, but i think I remember the rough story line of the book and two other books from the series. Oh and it is definitely not a YA paranormal romance.

-- spoiler alert ahead for the first , third book here too.--

The book I am looking for is the second book( I think).

About the female :
- The female is from a elite family (either a witch or shifter family).
- Her mother has two mates.
- She has two brothers mated to her BFF in book 1 , one of them a doctor (i think) and the other has his name starting with the letter "T". - The Bff was to be a fake date/mate for the brother with the name starting with a "T". The BFF was discovered to be a supernatural too though she didn't know it before that. The BFF was a witch too, i think. In the end, the BFF still ends up happily with both brothers.)
-She has another brother who is a bookworm or researcher in book 3 with a mate trap in a book and had to go in to the book/scroll/another dimension. The female was a prisoner there and he also was in the prison for a while there with the female but they got out.)

About the male :
- very intense and moody
- has a shape shifting male friend and sexual partner
- might be a siren
- one his family member tried to kill the female
- at first rejects the female , but tried to win her back for his own personal reasons.
- his family might be another elite family but was shunned or banished by the supernatural world so he had to marry to female for his family. ( I think)

About story line :
- The female was at a gathering or party of some sort. She passed through a shield or illusion and stumbled on the male having sex with another male and heard him rejecting her and calling her not so nice names.
- the female left to work among humans , in a diner (i think). One day on the way back home, she was attacked by mist or ice and was saved by a stray dog.
- She woke up - the stray was with her in her apartment - the male found her - the dog shape shift - she realized it was a shape shifter with her intended male. (the shapeshifter was saved by the male with he was young)
- The male family tried to harm the female.
- At the end of the story, the shape shifter, the male and the female had a happily ever after.

I think these are the information from the book, but I do hope the details from the first and second book helps narrow down the book search. Thanks.

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