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message 1: by Nicky نیکی (new)

Nicky نیکی | 42 comments I enjoy darker reads that are atmospheric and even creepy. Please suggest some mysteries and thrillers that fit this description.

message 2: by The Book Squirrel (last edited Apr 11, 2019 11:51PM) (new)

The Book Squirrel | 9 comments What one person counts as "atmospheric" and "creepy" isn't what gives someone else chills. I don't read a lot of horror, if that's your definition of "creepy", but I've enjoyed:
Sleep by C.L. Taylor Sleep by CL Taylor.
I'm Travelling Alone (Munch and Krüger, #1) by Samuel Bjørk I'm travelling alone by Samuel Bjork.
My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier My sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier.

I would count Click-Clack the Rattlebag by Neil Gaiman Click Clack the Rattlebag as creepy, and put Nightbooks by J.A. White Nightbooks in this category for younger readers (10+).

message 3: by SamSpayedPI (new)

SamSpayedPI | 1589 comments Val McDermid's Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series (starting with The Mermaids Singing) is in the vein of "Scottish noir" which might suit. Not paranormal, just dark and evil.

And, if you haven't read them already, give Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter series (starting with Red Dragon) series a look.

message 4: by Nicky نیکی (new)

Nicky نیکی | 42 comments Thank you, perhaps I should have clarified what I mean. Scottish noir, any noir actually, is up my alley. Anything that features dark deeds, grey skies, etc. I also enjoy police procedurials. I’m not looking for supernatural but do enjoy themes of dark rituals or beliefs.

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (dootloo) | 6 comments Have you read anything by Sarah Rayne?

message 7: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37564 comments Mod

message 8: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (bookwormbeauty) | 30 comments How about Susan Hill? She has great atmospheric books!

Bryn (Plus Others) (brynplusplus) | 186 comments Have you read Tana French? I think she is exactly up your alley; they are a mix of police procedural with hints of supernatural and excellent, excellent characters. Start with In the Woods -- it is not a series exactly, but later books shed different light on the characters so I think it is worth reading in order.

message 11: by Serena (new)

Serena | 93 comments charleys web by joy fielding is my fave thriller

message 12: by Ingo (new)

Ingo (ilembcke) | 597 comments For the click:
Charley's Web by Joy Fielding
Charley's Web

message 16: by Roxanna (new)

Roxanna Usticke | 22 comments Kara wrote: "https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1..."

Great recommendation! This book is really neat.

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