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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
Many of the characters in these stories overcome adverse circumstances to experience moments of grace—Abel Blaine, Patty Nicely, and Angelina Mumford, for example. How do these moments of grace present themselves? Why do you think Strout decided to give her characters these opportunities for grace? How did this shape your understanding of these stories and characters? Question provided by the author.

Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
Abel Blaine finds a cartoonish, hack actor actor is a worthy friend. Patty Nicely finds friendship with a damaged Vietnam veteran. Angelina Mumford realizes her mother, whom she assumes to be selfish, is happy and living a fulfilling life in Italy.

My thought is you can't receive grace unless you are open to it, and these people realize when they've been blessed. One of the things about the book I like is the complexity of the characters. Many of them have a shadow side and/or are damaged, but they are capable of goodness. They are capable of loving, and, at the risk of being maudlin, they are capable of being loved.

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