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message 1: by Shilpa (new)

Shilpa M. Menon | 10 comments Hello Everyone,

I am looking forward to connecting with Authors for Beta Reading, Editing & Proof Reading.

I have personally authored 2 books so far, which helps me to give a perspective and insight !

I am an avid reader and always keen on exploring different genres. I would love to read your work and traverse with you through your writings.

message 2: by Perry (new)

Perry Douros (perrydouros) | 3 comments I see you are a spiritual coach so you might be a great choice to read/critique my completed spiritual philosophy book: GodSpirit: a Book of Being. I've also written nine novels. I can critique any writing you have in exchange if you wish. If interested, either respond to this message or email me at
I hope to hear from you.

message 3: by PaulBentham (new)

PaulBentham | 25 comments Hi there Shilpa,

My name is Paul.I am currently working on a sci-fi piece of flash fiction.Xiaon G12:Core Element involves a maverick alien bounty hunter,who travels to an unknown planet to find a rogue agent,and is teamed up with a by the book local cop,and uncovers a terroist plot.It's roughly 10 k long but it's split up into chapters and you can read it within your own time frame.
Let me know if you are interested cheers

message 4: by Shilpa (new)

Shilpa M. Menon | 10 comments Hi Paul
my email id
sure would love to and we can discuss the details on mail.

Thank you

message 5: by Shilpa (new)

Shilpa M. Menon | 10 comments Hi Perry,

I have responded to your mail :-)


message 6: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 6 comments Shilpa is an absolute joy to work with. She is first and foremost excellent and prompt with back and forth communication. This applies to answering questions you have and any questions she has. Shilpa adheres to scheduling agreed upon perfectly.
Shilpa’s feedback is a must for any aspiring writers. She writes feedback for every chapter, commenting on pacing, story, what works and what doesn’t. It is an overall very comprehensive feedback. She also let’s you know how the story is making her feel, a very important thing for most writers since our work is often geared towards eliciting an emotional response.
I was very satisfied with her work and will be making use of Shilpa’s services again. I cannot recommend her enough!

message 7: by Shilpa (new)

Shilpa M. Menon | 10 comments Thank you Shannon :-) for your kind words...Its been a delight to read your manuscript. This means a lot. I look forward to working with you in the future

message 8: by KiraoftheWind (new)

KiraoftheWind | 4 comments Shilpa is a sweet and wonderful reader. I was very happy to have her as a beta reader. She makes you feel good about your work, and I always appreciate encouragement. She was respectful and mindful at all times. Overall, the sort of person who makes you feel good.

She is deeply in tune with the heart and mind of one's work. She offered a unique spiritual and emotional perspective which I've found to be a rare treat in beta readers. I got feedback on the parts of my story which other people didn't respond to, especially parts discussing spiritual, metaphysical, and fantastic elements. I am very happy Shilpa noticed and commented on those sequences.

I live in America and most of my readers have likewise been American, so I was happy to have a reader with knowledge of Indian languages and religion as she understood some of the ties and similarities present my book. Many of her ideas and suggestions went beyond surface level and even made me rethink some of the metaphysics and morality in my book.

message 9: by Shilpa (new)

Shilpa M. Menon | 10 comments Thank you Kiraofthewind / Erika for your Lovely feedback , it encourages me further to continue the services and work I offer. It was an absolute delight to work with you. I look forward to further associations . Much Love !

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