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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children's/YA contemporary - Sisters living with grandmother in rundown house selling recycling for income. Spoilers ahead.

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Felicia | 1 comments I'm not sure this is a book. It might be more like a short story or novella. I remember reading it in middle school, likely 7th grade (2002-2003), in Maryland. I think it was printed in a textbook we had in reading class. It seemed to me that the textbook wasn't too old, probably less than 5 years old. The school itself was only 10 years old when I attended.

I remember that the story features a middle school(?) girl, her younger sister, and her grandmother. Something had happened to the girls' mother (died?) and the father was also not in the picture somehow, so they were sent to live with their grandmother in a very rundown house, like practically falling down, no electricity.

I remember parts of the story describing how they would walk along the side of the road picking up recycling and aluminum cans to sell to recycling plants for income. I think another character in the story was a friend of the older sister from school. Something like the friend had seen her, her sister, and her grandmother walking along the road picking up trash and had asked her about it.

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