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message 1: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 207 comments The Kindle version of Trick-or-Treat Thrillers 13 Backyard Monsters anthology in which my horror short story, "The Orang Batil" is included, is now live. Only $2.99.
The publisher is working on a paperback version but for now just the Kindle one.

Book Blurb:
What you don’t know CAN hurt you…
Sure, that rustling out there in the woods at the edge of your backyard in the dead of night—that’s just a scavenging raccoon….right?
That’s not a sea serpent out past the lake shallows—it’s merely a piece of driftwood.
That great shadow streaking over you? Nothing more than a fast moving cloud.
Keep telling yourself that.
In these thirteen stories, lots of people do…until it’s too late

Trick-or-Treat Thrillers 13 Backyard Monsters by Roma Gray

message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 207 comments Trick-or-Treat Thrillers 13 Backyard Monstersy also has a paperback version available on Amazon:

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