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UNSOLVED: One specific book > middle-grade/YA fiction about mermaids/werewolves. Two books set in the same world with different plots. One set in a hotel at a crossroads, one set at the ocean where the characters are looking for a lost item.

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Peace (rubyluu) | 4 comments My friend is looking for a set of two books. They were set in the same world, by the same author, but apparently had different plots/characters. They were semi-creepy, had ghosts/werewolves/wolves in one of the books. The other had mermaids. In the books with mermaids, characters were diving under the sea for some lost item. In the books with werewolves, it was set at a hotel at a crossroads.
My friend read these two books about four years ago, so maybe 2015? She found them at a small library, probably in the children's section but it's possible it was YA.
Thanks to anyone who has any ideas! She has been looking and trying to figure out what books these are for a LONG time!

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Blue | 834 comments Do you know what the covers look like?

Was the author male or female?

This sounds similar to a series that has four books here is one of the books: Sisters Red

The four books are retellings of fairy tales and there are ghosts, werewolves and mermaids.

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