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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Short science fiction about a mother who outlives everyone and uses medical advances to live forever

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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Pow | 1 comments Sometime in the last ten years I ran across a short science fiction story online about a mother and wife who becomes sick or is sick I can't remember. At the convincing of her children she tries some new medical advance (a better pill or something), which works. Her husband becomes sick and refuses to try some new medical thing which could cure him. He dies. The mother lives on and lives on. The children have grandchildren. The children die. The mother becomes sick again and at the convincing of her grandchildren she tries some new medical thing, which works. The mother lives on and lives on. The grandchildren have great grandchildren. The grandchildren die. The mother becomes sick again and...you get the idea. Eventually she's convinced by some long distant offspring to try some medical advance that will make her immortal. She becomes immortal and watches everyone and everything around her die. I've been searching and searching for this story ever since, almost to the point that I feel like I must have dreamed it and should write it myself since it's so stuck in my head. Please help me find it!

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2039 comments This bears some resemblance to Marc Stiegler's The Gentle Seduction The Gentle Seduction

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