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message 1: by Aleksandra (new)

Aleksandra | 5 comments Hello,

I was just looking and my page count and something didnt look good, so I check with the books, and the page numer on goodreads is different than in the actuall books, with I have on my shelf so its easy to check.
Can you please, change them?

- "Endsinger" Jay Kristoff - ISBN13: 9788328053601 - it's actually 688
- "Kinslayer" Jay Kristoff - ISBN13: 9788328014909 - it's actually 656

message 2: by Aleksandra (new)

Aleksandra | 5 comments Ok so I check the first book also, and it has more pages thant it really have, so if you would be so kind to change it also I would be gratefull.

- "Stormdancer" - ISBN13: 9788328051386 - it's 446 pages long

Thank you for the help !

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