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Spirit of the Vikings - A Journey in the Kayak Bah' Viking
SOLVED: Non-Fiction > SOLVED. Cross country Eastern Europe horse and carriage. [s]

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message 1: by Yoav (last edited Apr 10, 2019 09:44AM) (new)

Yoav Gedalia (YoavGedalia) | 2 comments My wife was reading a book which I brought to the teacher room at my school; then, it disappeared.
Plot: Man wants to travel cross country in Eastern Europe with nothing but a horse and trailer. He traveled with his kids; I recall that his wife joined him later. They got sponsors at the beginning of their travels to defray the cost of the journey. The wife didn't like the lack of privacy in the trailer (I don't recall if it was called a wagon/buggy/carriage/trailer). I remember random incidents; they'd stop for a day to do laundry; they were always getting free food from good Samaritans; one time, they got ground meet which was green but which they cooked and enjoyed anyway. I recall little about the plot save that they had to replace the horse's shoes, at one point, I think, they had to replace the horse. I'm just at a loss because my wife was really enjoying the book - I lost it! - and I barely recall anything that clearly demarcates the book. I think they traveled through Eastern Europe - Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia - if not all of those countries, then some of them.. It was more a diary than a book. Thanks in advance (and hoping you can help)! Book I'd say was written later than 1980 and earlier than 2010. Author, got no clue!

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Mai | 1151 comments Searching online I found the story of the Grant family (from Scotland). It seemed to fit your description! The father, David Renwick Grant, has written a few books about their travels. The one you are looking for might be Spirit of the Vikings - A Journey in the Kayak Bah' Viking
This is a kayaking book with a difference. The inspiration for the journey, from Sweden to the Black Sea, via the Baltic and rivers of eastern Europe, came somewhere in Kazakhstan when David Grant, while travelling with his wife and children in a horse-drawn caravan, was reading a translation of the fictitious Viking saga Rode Orm, or Red Serpent, A life-long interest in things Viking, coupled with a wish to experience a solo expedition on a shoe-string budget, dictated that the authors longship should actually be a kayak. The route would follow approximately that of Rode Orms vessel but continue on to the Black Sea and possibly further. The result was a fascinating journey through the waters of the Swedish Archipelago, across the Baltic to the island of Gotland and on to Riga in Latvia, where the river travel began. Up the Daugava-Dvina and its tributary the Ulla, through the disused and decaying Verebki canal and across the watershed, then down the Berezina and Dneiper, to emerge into the Black Sea.

It was published in 2007. If not this one maybe check out his other books? Like The Seven Year Hitch: A Family Odyssey. Not sure if there are many travel books about families travelling in horse-drawn caravans! But who knows... This group never ceases to amaze me!

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Yoav Gedalia (YoavGedalia) | 2 comments I'm flabbergasted!
That is the book.
Thank you so much, just ordered it for my wife!
Thanks so so much, and have a beautiful day!!!

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Mai | 1151 comments I'm so glad this was the book! I hope your wife is happy when you get the new copy :-)

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