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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Manners (chrismanners) | 1 comments Hi

My poetry book, The Voyage, was recently published by Sophia Perennis (which means Perennial Wisdom).
I've received some great reviews so far, from some amazing people.
I'm currently looking for additional reviews. Email me at for a free copy. I can cover the cost of the book through Paypal, up to a certain number of books.
I deeply appreciate any support. I'm always honoured by each new reader.

Amazon link:

Here is the book description:
These inspiring poems address the crucial spiritual quest, with a passionate longing for the Infinite. Facing the pain of existence, bewildering suffering leads to deeper searching and unveiled awareness. From the celebration of beauty to the insight of seers and sages, various tales discuss humanity's condition and the pivotal journey towards new shores of awakening. Enduring much struggle, the arduous path leads to resounding hope and joy, with blissful Eternity triumphant over despair. Aligning with the venerable tradition of verse, these meditations ultimately return to the Absolute, providing profound and radiant vision.


message 2: by L.B. (new)

L.B. Sedlacek (lbsedlacek) Hi,

If you are still looking for reviews, plz send me an email at and I’ll review it for my Ezine. Thanks!

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