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T. | 695 comments Hi!

Would you please add Daughter of Babylon by Phaedrus T. Wolfe? I'm sorry, I couldn't find the ISBN#.

Thank you!

Title: Daughter of Babylon
Author: Phaedrus T. Wolfe
Publisher: Lots Cave
Publication Date:
Format: eBook

Mindy has covertly read Lolita and the Story of O. Although she's mildly curious about sex, she never imagined getting caught making out with a boyfriend who scrambles for an exit. But she has no similar escape. Mindy's preacher-father constantly teaches his congregation that. "If it looks like evil, stay away!" But can he resist the sweet temptations of his innocent young daughter? Certainly, a good spanking is in order to insure his daughter's salvation from the seduction of evil influences.

Page Count: 25

Link to book page/cover:

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