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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
Where else are you gonna put ships?

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
Michael was sitting upon the railing of the Revenant. He was playing his violin and enjoying the salty breeze. His crew wasn´t like most. He was the only pirate known to have a majority female crew.

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Speaking of a female majority crew Gwen was returning from one of her associates in Tortuga, she carried a crate of dried supplies that varied from salted meats to fruits. As typical for the blonde, she was dressed in men's clothing with her favorite black coat slung over one arm and strands of hair falling from her hat. The white shirt she was wearing had the sleeves rolled up past her elbow allowing her left arm to be shown, again per usual it was covered in its normal bandaging, not only for protection against the sun but to keep away from unwanted attention. Whistling the tune to some sea chanty the crew had roped her into the other night. Adjusting the crate to rest on her left hip Gwen tipped her hat a bit to one of the men she used to work with on the docks.

"Still causing trouble eh Glen?" said the graying ginger lighting his pipe, she'd forgotten his name after time but from what she recalled he'd been trying to get money for his daughter. She felt pride knowing he'd accomplished that goal before Gwen left for a life at sea.

With a hearty laugh she deepened her voice an octave, "'o course, who do you take me as? I didn't get the title of 'menace' for nothing," said Gwen with a grin, "Taking care of your lass still?"

The man let out a noise of confirmation, "Indeed I am," he said nodding and with that, the conversation died out, with a clap on her shoulder Gwen left. Boots echoing a bit on the rotting dock she made her way down to the Reverant, normally she went barefoot on the ship, however Tortuga even if it was her home the place was filithy and she wasn't taking chances. A small grin broke out on her face when Gwen saw her captian, Micheal, or Lucky as some tended to call him.

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
Michael stopped his violin and walked down and took the crate from Gwen. ¨Hope ya didn´t beat someone bloody for this.¨ He said teasingly. He even put on her hat and walked onto the ship.

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Olivia was standing in the Deck of the Revenant thinking of her long-gone family. Captian Michael and Gwen went for a walk and she was left behind in the ship.

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
(Michael is taking the crate from Gwen and walking onto the ship.)

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Olivia walked to her room without caring as her captain walks past her.

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen laughed at her captain's remark letting him take both her crate and the hat causing her loosely tied hair to tumble down as she followed him onto the ship, "We've only just got here, can't get arrested right away it'd take away the fun of it," retorted the blonde, "But no, a girls got to have her secrets, eh? I'm still surprised people still think I'm a man," said Gwen with an amused shake of her head. Of course, as she'd gotten older it was easier to tell that she indeed was a woman than when she was younger, so either her old friends were humoring her or they couldn't tell the difference. After all it was Tortuga, it wasn't the most insane thing for a woman to dress as a man.

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¨You´re quite right. Though, when has that stopped you?¨ Michael said with a chuckle. ¨I bet almost every pirate here is jealous of me.¨

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen shrugged, "You aren't wrong, it hasn't, but the lad I got this from," she gestured to the crate in his arms, "Would take it personal if I beat him bloody and with supplies like these well lets not risk anythin'," said the blonde pulling her hair free from its ribbon and redoing it as best she could. Hair now mostly out of her face she rasied an eyebrow, "Where'd everyone else run off too? Liquor and lasses?" Gwen asked taking note of the quite barren ship.

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¨Most of the gents are off probably either fishing or gambling and the few lasses who stayed are down in the galley preparing for lunch hour. Everyone else is in the wind. I do feel bad for any gent who thinks any of our feminine crew members are from the brothel.¨ He let out a chuckle. ¨Care for a glass?¨ He had a fresh bottle of rum at his spot by the rail. ¨Olivia is here as well, she is in her quarters most likely.¨

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Olivia left her room for lunch, in her way to the kitchen she saw captain Michael and Gwen talking. She went toward them but then thought that maybe butting in wasn't a good idea.
"Hey guys hope your day is going good so far," said Olivia and finished her way.

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Michael smiled and handed Olivia a fresh mango from a crate. ¨Same to you.¨ He smiled.

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Olivia fixed her expressions and smiled "thanks, are you going to have lunch, sir?'

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¨I planned on it as soon as everything is made.¨ He said politely as he wiped off some dirt from his vest. He was barefoot when on deck. He really didn´t want to go into town today, given that the only place that felt like home was his ship. ¨I did manage to make improvements to the ship though.¨ He tapped the hull. ¨Reinforced her body. It´ll take a half hour to saw her down, but we got a thick hull and fresh munitions for our next job.¨ He looked in his journal. ¨I´ve got word that the scorned woman has pulled to port in Tortuga, then again everyone wants to see Janks again. If he shows up, don´t let him aboard without me knowing. I´ll have to make sure all the food and drinks are tied down.¨

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"Okay Captian, as you say."

Olivia hesitated but finally said, "Would you like me to grab some salad for you? and um.....I'm sorry if I wasted your time in an unnecessary discussion." She then bowed her head down as a sign of respect to her captian.

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
Michael sighed and patted Olivia´s shoulder. ¨Olivia, you are not a servant on this ship. You are a member of this crew, and a crew is like a family. Go get yourself something to eat and drink, you need to calm down. Especially if Jank decides to try and sneak aboard.¨

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Olivia felt embarrassed by what her captain said. She nodded and waved goodbye then went straight to the kitchen.

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Michael leaned against the rail and sighed. ¨We may be a dysfunctional motley crew, but we´re the only family each of us got.¨

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen, of who denied the offer of a drink had instead taken off her boots and folded her jacket in a neat sqaure placing it somewhere she could get it. Hearing what Micheal had said Gwen shrugged, "At least she's not beating everyone black and blue like I did," she said looking amused, normally she'd eat lunch late and work on tightening ropes and if needed sewing sails, but the fresh fruit was tempting. Taking out an orange the blonde removed one of her throwing knives and sat on the rail of the ship quite careful not to fall in.

With a mouthful of citrus Gwen noticed Miles making his way over to Michael and waved, "Got some fresh stuff and some dried if ya' want some," she offered moving to take her hat off only to remember it was still on her captain's head.

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Olivia never thought she was doing a good job on the ship. Her bad thoughts always made her too scared to share her emotions but still, her mates in the ship were her one and the only family that she ever loved. After a decent meal, she went to the room and stopped by Gwen "Hi Gwen how's everything going?"

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Michael set Gwen´s hat with her coat and boots. He ate an apple and grabbed a bottle of cider from one of his various hidden compartments on the ship. ¨Ahoy Miles. How fare ye?¨ He said before tossing back a long draw of cider.

Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments ((May I join))

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(Of course!)

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen looked up at Olivia with a bit of grin, she wiped some orange juice off her mouth using her right hand, "Everything seems to be well, what about you then?" asked Gwen swiping the knife on her pant leg to get some of the juice off of it.

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"Fine, I was looking for someone to chat with but you seem busy"
Olivia felt happy to see Gwen and have a chance to speak with her.

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Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments Jackie, who had recently escaped from prison, was running, she took a deep breath when she entered the docks, then frowned seeing a wanted poster for her and ripped it down, tearing it up and taking another deep as she slowed to a walk, looking around. Great, lost them. She thought, putting on a hat she just stole.

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Michael noticed Jackie from the wanted poster he'd seen by the post. He noticed her and waved. He showed the pirate brand burned into his forearm.

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen give Olivia a small apologetic look, "Aye, but maybe before this curse of ours sets in I can take you for a pint? It'll be good to get off the ship," offered the firstmate, after all Gwen knew what it was like to coop yourself up, wasn't healthy. It took her a good while to be coaxed off the ship and then was prompty taken for drinks just before the curse worked its magic. That was a time she remembered fondly.

Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments Jackie froze in her spot, then forced a soft smile at Michael. "Um...hi." She said, fixing her hair a bit and sighing.

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen turnee her eyes to both her captain and the redhead, she was a petite little thing and recognized her as well. It seemed wanted posters more common in the... good parts(?) of the island, exactly where she'd gone for her supplies. Noting Michael had shown his brand Gwen wished faintly she could've done the same to reasure her... but it was lost in the accident that left her arm disfigured.

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Michael set his weapons on a barrel, where Jackie could see. He walked up and extended his hand. ¨You´re Jank´s sister right? I´m Michael, captain of the Revenant. Your brother and I go way back, mainly from him trying to steal my rum.¨ He offered her an apple. ¨Given your current status, I assume you might be famished from all the running.¨

Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments Jackie smiled softly "So, you know my twin then. Been a while since I saw him." She took the apple, biting softly into the apple. "Name's Jacqueline Sparrow, call me Jackie." She said with a small grin. "Prison is harder to escape then I thought." She said, taking another bite out of the apple.

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Olivia moved toward her captain and said
"Um...sir do you know her, she might be a spy of Jank's crew you shouldn't trust anyone"She threw a dirty glare to the Girl named
Jackie and waited for an answer from Sir Michael

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¨Jank is known for a lot of things, but something as complex and fragile as espionage is not his style. Jank wants something done, he´d do it himeself, regardless of how bad he´d end up failing.¨ Michael chuckled and patted Olivia on the head. ¨You worry about me, of that I am truly thankful. You and the crew keep me from getting my head too deep in the thick of things.¨ He turned to Jackie. ¨Sorry about her, my crew is very suspicious of Jank, given his track record.¨

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Olivia felt embarrassed by her rude words.
She turned to Jackie
"HI im Olivia please excuse me for my bad actions, I didn't mean to insult you or anything it really nice to meet you."
She extended her hands waiting for her to do the same.

Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments Jackie extended out her arm, shaking both hands with a small smile "No worries Olivia." She said.

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Olivia smiled back and then turned to Michael
"Sir, do you mind if I showed Jackie around the ship or would you like to do that?"

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¨Feel free to do so as you wish. We pirates look out for our own.¨ He polished the spyglass in his vest. It was wrought steel, with silver engravings. ¨I´ll be busy making sure everything is up to standards on the ship.¨

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 ѕolanιne | 32 comments Gwen feeling it was due time to introduce herself before she did her own rounds on the ship, waved to the redhead, "Names Gwen, I'm Lucky's, first mate, so any friend o' his is one o' mine," piped up the blonde with a grin, "He's right about us being wary of Jank, been on this ship for a bit now and even I'm still adjusting to his antics," it was said with an amused shake of her head. Of all the pirates she'd come across Jank was still the odd one.

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Michael chuckled along with Gwen. This fact everyone who knew Jank, knew this about him all too well. He set his spyglass back in his vest and re strapped his weapons before inspecting ropes.

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Olivia sipped some of her orange juice and then said
"Hey, Gwen would you like to come with me and Jackie?"
she asked her although she knew there was a faint hope of her accepting. Poor Gwen seems to be busy most of the time.

Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments "Um...I guess, I have no idea, just start me at a random spot I guess." She said with a slight smile.

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"Okay, so are you staying here temporary or as a crew member," she asked raising one of her brows.

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Michael chuckled. ¨We´re laying low Miles. Considering our recently ´borrowed´ cargo.¨ He jerked his thumb to the cargo deck, where the loading hatch was open, revealing shiny new steel cannons (3) several powder kegs (25 50 gallon barrels), and enough ammunition to feed their flintlocks for two months. ¨Of course, along with the 5 month supply of food and a fort´s worth in coin.¨

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Not far from the group that was talking a young auburn haired girl stood at the railing of the deck looking out across the water she could see. She sighed softly but didn't move from her spot just yet. She wondered if the captain was going to have her help load the cargo. She turned around and headed toward the supplies. She slightly chuckled seeing the cannons and powder kegs. It made her wonder if the crew would object, knowing that someone named Danger was handling such items.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 131 comments Mod

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Michael soon looped rope into the pulleys and fastened the cannons as he and a dock worker hoisted each one onto the deck slowly and carefully, as to not dent the bloody things. He noticed his crewmate at the rail and chuckled. ¨Surprised you didn´t volunteer to handle the weapons Danger.¨ He chuckled as he lit his pipe.

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"I'd figured that I'd give someone else a chance to give it a go." Danger said with a mischievous smile. "That is until they need to be shown how it is done." She didn't miss the look the dock worker gave her but decided to ignore it for now.

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Michael just shrugged and saw the last of the cargo was loaded as the new cannons were installed below deck. He chucked a small pouch of coin to the dockworker. ¨Here you go lad, now kindly get off my ship.¨ The dockworker just walked down the boarding ramp and hurried to the tavern. Michael sighed and took a long draw from his pipe.

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