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Out of the Shadows (Dragons' House #3)
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E.L. Nelson (dragonshouse) | 13 comments Once again our book was attached to the wrong E.L. Nelson.

The incorrect profile is>

The correct profile is>

I don't know how this happens but this is the second of our books to be attached to this other author. If it is in the Dragons' House series it should be attached to my profile. There are future books in the works, so if it can be fixed not to attach to the other author's profile it would greatly be appreciated. thanks

message 2: by annob (last edited Apr 10, 2019 12:24AM) (new)

annob | 1561 comments Hi E.L.

Book moved to your author page:

I also added it to the existing series page:

I understand your frustration about the book being placed on an other author's profile, but since Goodreads Librarians are volunteers and not employees, the best I can offer is an explaination to why this happens.

When book data is automatically imported from various retailers, there is a check if the ISBN or Kindle ASIN already exists on Goodreads. If not, the book is imported and the author name is written in as it is spelled on the source site. When there are several same-name authors, imported books therefore show up on the so called default profile of that particular author name. From there it's quick and easy for a Librarian to move the book to the correct profile. We only need a post in this group (just like you did) to do so.

E.L. Nelson (dragonshouse) | 13 comments thank you for fixing it. I didn't mean to sound like I was angry at the Librarians. I was just frustrated. I appreciate you explaining how it works. That was the main reason I was frustrated, I didn't understand the way it worked. Now that I understand, I can just go with the flow. Thanks again.

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