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message 1: by Naiya (last edited Nov 28, 2019 02:59PM) (new)

Naiya | 11 comments 11/28/2019 update: I'm available to do a beta read for 1-2 books this Dec/January.

Hey folks; I have some free time on my hands, so I'm opening a couple beta requests. Stories of any length are welcome.

My preferences:
- Complete manuscripts/stories.
- I prefer stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres.
- Adult preferred, YA/New Age okay, but please no Junior or Children's.
- I'd rather not read about angsty TSTL love triangles, horror/gore, or anything set in a school. (Yep, this includes assassin schools, magic academies. Sorry!)
- I'm a fan of action or adventure storylines, but do also enjoy romantic subplots.
- I have a soft spot for Urban Fantasy and Space Opera, but other sub-genres welcome too!

What you can expect:
I can provide general feedback (through email or a call) on style, plot and plot arc, pacing, character development and consistency, POV, world-building, and really, anything else that jumps out at me.

In general, I prefer to first do feedback on a single chapter/excerpt, and then check in to see if we're a good fit. (Ie, if this is the kind of feedback style and approach that's helpful, and if I'm engaged enough by the opening to breeze through the rest of the book.)

If not, no harm, no foul.

If I sound like I might be a good fit for your book, let me know! In your reply, do mention the genre and length of your story, what stage of the writing process it's in, and what you most want to get out of a beta read. (If you don't, I'm gonna assume you didn't read this.)

message 2: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hi Naiya,
Glad to have you here. I have a finished 97K YA Fantasy and Science Fiction novel that doesn't shy away from the dark realities of life. It is the story of war, vengeance and family drama as well as coming of age. I will send you the prologue and first 3 chapters, then if you want to pursue further you will have the rest of the manuscript. If you are interested please reach me at
Best of wishes!

message 3: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments Stefan wrote: "Hi Naiya,
Glad to have you here. I have a finished 97K YA Fantasy and Science Fiction novel that doesn't shy away from the dark realities of life. It is the story of war, vengeance and family drama..."

Sure thing. I'll shoot you an email tonight. What are you most looking to get out of a beta read?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello Naiya.

Would you be interested in reading my story? It's an Urban Fantasy novel that sits at around 67k words. The story revolves around a senior in high school that learns that he has magical powers. These newfound powers help give him a purpose but when disaster strikes he must flee for survival.

If you want to check it out you can just message me here or email me at

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Miotto | 15 comments Naiya,

Glad to hear your into the science fiction and fantasy genre! The novel I have been working on contains a little of both. The style probably leans more towards traditional fantasy with sword's, magic and worldbuilding, but I have made sure to use my strong interest in science to temper the fantasy elements a bit. The book is 105k in length and follows three characters through the plot: a scientist, a ninja/spy, and a high ranking official. Its called The Fundamental Forces and is the first in a series I have been building since 2013. Let me know if your interested!

message 6: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hi Naya,
Speaking of my expectations, I would like you to comment on my story's plot, characters, world-building, grammar, description and characters, along with their development. It would also be very nice if you give me a paragraph or two about the novel as a whole or at least the section you get. Please focus on the opening chapters.

message 7: by PaulBentham (new)

PaulBentham | 25 comments Hi Niaya,
would you be interested in a piece of sci-fi fiction?.It involves an alien bounty hunter,who goes on a trail for a rogue fellow agent,to a new system and uncovers a terroist plot.
It is around 10k long,but you can look at it chapter by chapter.
Generally looking for feedback on flow,level of interest,charecter interpretation.Cheers Paul.

message 8: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments Andrew wrote: "Naiya,

Glad to hear your into the science fiction and fantasy genre! The novel I have been working on contains a little of both. The style probably leans more towards traditional fantasy with swor..."

Intriguing! What are you looking to get out of a beta read?

message 9: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments Jake wrote: "Hello Naiya.

Would you be interested in reading my story? It's an Urban Fantasy novel that sits at around 67k words. The story revolves around a senior in high school that learns that he has magic..."

Thanks for posting and your interest. Unfortunately, I'm staying away from stories featuring schools, but I'll let you know if that changes!

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Naiya wrote: "Jake wrote: "Hello Naiya.

Would you be interested in reading my story? It's an Urban Fantasy novel that sits at around 67k words. The story revolves around a senior in high school that learns that..."

Hello! I suppose I should have mentioned that we are only at the school for a few paragraphs at the start of the story and never again. I only mentioned that he is a senior in high school to reveal his age and situation.

message 11: by L.A. (last edited Apr 11, 2019 03:16PM) (new)

L.A. Buck (labuckauthor) | 23 comments Ni Naiya,

Looks like you have quite a few manuscripts to choose from already, but I figured I'd had mine to the list. It's an adult fantasy - no schools, no love triangles, no horror, no excessive gore - with an action/adventure based plotline complete at 105k.

My short blurb:

Kura – an outcast and a rebel – doesn't believe in the forebear's prophecy, but when she stumbles across the ancient sword said to fulfill it she must decide what takes precedent: her family, her country, or her own stubborn convictions.

Triston – the son of the king – doesn't care about the forebear's prophecy, but when he's forced to confront the tangle of history and legend he's brushed aside, he must decide where he belongs: defending the rebellion, supporting his father, or somewhere in between.

If you are interested, I have a longer blurb and the first two chapters up on my author website:
I am currently starting my second round of beta readers and am most interested in what you think about the plot, characters, worldbuilding, etc.


message 12: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments Thanks to everyone who's commented or DMed me. I'm still accepting requests!

message 13: by David (new)

David Wilson | 95 comments Hi naiya,

I have an 80K fantasy (probably aimed at YA) that I would love you to beta read. It is complete.

I sent you a PM with a short synopsis.

I'd love to hear from you.


message 14: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments David wrote: "Hi naiya,

I have an 80K fantasy (probably aimed at YA) that I would love you to beta read. It is complete.

I sent you a PM with a short synopsis.

I'd love to hear from you.


Hi David! Thanks for sending me info about your book. It doesn't look like a good fit for me, but I wish you all the luck with your project!

message 15: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Keast (christopher_keast) | 18 comments Hi Naiya,

Would you be interested in beta reading my 90K-word sci-fi dystopia novel?

A little about my story:
In the not-so distant future, as the digital world’s freight-train steam rolls right into its inevitable threshold of physical data storage limits, strange things begin to happen. At the same time, Kicis and Anna are each at a philosophical crossroads of sorts. For Kicis, his knowledge of history cannot yet help him decipher what the future holds regarding the limits of humans’ Earthly data aggregation and smartphone obsessions – including his own. For Anna, it’s what to do next with her life after a major career change from law to photography, followed by a provocating breakup with her former lover. The two of them collide into one another under most inauspicious circumstances: the world’s most reveled structural human artifacts begin mysteriously disappearing. As the rest of the world tries to find the meaning and reasons behind it, the two of them become transfixed on this new problem, trying to solve the final riddle plaguing humanity. Despite world leaders outlawing such detective work, someone needs to figure it out, as global worries peak. Has a tipping point been reached within the bounds of Earth’s physical constraints? Or is it simply the beginning of the Datapocalypse?

Please let me know if this is of interest. I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

message 16: by D.W. (new)

D.W. Watson (sheepishpublishing) | 16 comments Hi Naiya,
Hope you are still looking to beta read. I'm looking for someone to case an eye over book two in the Lost Souls series. Let the Day Mean Something.

Genre: Paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy
Word count: c75k
Being the second book, I can provide a synopsis of Book One, but there is a 'Previously' at the start.
Looking for plotholes, things that make no sense, flow, consistency, etc. Basically if it works.
Minimal swearing (I think there's one minor), no sex, but the odd spot of violence.

Rough Blurb.
And so it came to pass, Chapman and Farrell were lost. Rudely thrown into a trespass, a breach in space and time.
If only it brought an end to the tribulations facing the shadowy organisation known as the SOMA.
But there is still the matter of a barrier surrounding Earth Prime. Not to mention people vanishing in Las Vegas, something ominous heading towards Sheffield, a troubled dig in South America, the coming of the Rag and Bone men and those are only the tip of the troubles.
Step forward Dornan; 'the daughter.' Those that encounter her, might believe she is a delicate, innocent teen, but she rules her team with a rod of red hot iron.
Turner; 'the mother.' The genetic lottery wasn't kind to Turner, inheriting the full gamete of neuroses. Over the years, she has embraced and used them, mostly for good.
And Reynolds. 'the father.' Compliments his colleagues in a waistcoat and well groomed manner.

And what of Brooks. Racked with guilt, he is only interested in searching the world for clues to the destination of his lost teammates.
Can he succeed in bringing Farrell and Chapman back?

Thanks DW

message 17: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments Hi folks - I have some free time around the holidays, so I'm open to doing a beta read for 1 to 2 books in Dec/January.

message 18: by Jeff (last edited Nov 29, 2019 08:31AM) (new)

Jeff de León (httpstwittercomjeffhdeleon) | 12 comments Hello and thank you for your generosity!

I have a multi-pov science-fantasy complete manuscript that I've been revising for a year. Right now, the ending is still in revision, but the first 3/4ths are polished and ready to go, and the ending has been "locked in" for ages, its just unpolished and a bit inconsistent as I keep revising the beginning and middle. Coming it at about 90k words.

It is a blend between space opera and epic fantasy set in a destroyed/resurgent future Earth. I query it as YA, but it is written as a love letter to classic sci-fi.

It is NOT a love triangle book as the future it is set in has different conceptions of how romance goes.

Genre: YA Science-Fantasy
Length: 90k Words (about 70k very polished)
Queer protagonists in a diversity-norm world.
Note that Celene is bi and one of the novel's main ships is f/f.

Seventeen-year-old Zander’s excitement to marry the formidable Princess Alessia turns to despair when she runs away, unwilling to marry him or any man. Desperate to prove himself, Zander accepts a suicidal mission to hunt down the last of the all-powerful Machine-Gods that once ruled the world. Perhaps success will end the dreams of his mother trying to drown him beneath the ice of a frozen sea like the other failures in his genetically-enhanced royal lineage.

Meanwhile, hiding below the Earth, the machines have designed two perfect and powerful clones to defend them. In isolation, a clone named Celene competes against Saniya, the girl she desperately loves and unconsciously hates as they train for war against the free kingdoms of humans who, left unchecked, will devour and destroy the Earth just as they did in ancient times.

On opposite sides, Celene and Zander must find a way to escape the strings that control them before they become the latest victims in a war between immortal kings and ancients machines—a war where love itself is a weapon.

message 19: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 11 comments I have one more slot open.

message 20: by Marisa (new)

Marisa | 3 comments Hi Naiya,

Thank you for your offer to beta read!

My book is a 97,000 word fantasy novel about a girl trying to find magic. It's set in a Middle-Eastern-type world where Royalty is chosen by their beauty.

Sixteen-year-old Sondja believes in the old legends, and despite having always been in the shadow of her sister’s beauty, she believes there is something special within herself. Something magical even.

So when a mysterious self-proclaimed Magician shows up in her desert village, even though everyone else doubts him, she does him a favor. In return she receives a gift: a pair of wishing stones that he calls the Compass of Destiny.

Sondja's wish on the stones and her adventures take her to the Royal Palace, and as she uncovers the lies cloaked behind her sister’s beauty, and reveals the true identity hidden behind a Prince’s wooden mask, most importantly, Sondja finds the very thing that all others had thought was lost: magic.

Yet in the end, when a spell to save her life has unintended consequences, she discovers that now that she finally has magic, it may cost Sondja her own life to stop it.

If you think you might be interested, let me know!


message 21: by Jordan (last edited Dec 04, 2019 06:06AM) (new)

Jordan Link (writerjordan) | 5 comments Hello. Here is the description of my book:

Two years ago, a sorcerer named Silas saved 22-year-old Aveline from a fire that claimed both of her parents. To save her, Silas imbued her with dark magic that must be spread; the fewer carriers there are, the more the magic decays their minds and souls. Before meeting Aveline, Silas was driven from the Grand Palace, the cultural heart of Alvasta, by Azil, who massacred Silas’ carriers to end his growing influence in the court Azil created. Now, Azil is hunting the last of the dark magic carriers, many of whom have already been driven insane. If Aveline and Silas fail to protect the remaining carriers and spread their magic further, they will end up in the Blackness—a void that awaits those whose souls have fully corroded.

It is part romance, part fantasy - I would consider it to be YA as well. Let me know if you're interested.

The only question I have is if the first few chapters are interesting enough to hook the reader.

message 22: by Tamara (new)

Tamara | 34 comments Hello,

My book is a 115K word YA fantasy inspired by some elements of the Arthurian legend.

Here is a brief synopsis:
"Donovan lives among the Nirvarians, the new race of a world recreated by the Mason and his Crafters. He spends his life serving his family until the call for war erupts
throughout the land and now he is forced to travel with his brother to fight against those who threaten their lives.
But as he arrives to Dayne, Nirvaria's headquarters for war, Donovan finds himself entrapped in another battle that he has to fight,
one that makes him question who he really is, and if his duty truly lies beside the Nirvarians or somewhere else."

The story is a completed manuscript and mostly, I would like to know if the first chapters can hook the readers into reading more

Hope to hear from you soon!


message 23: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 67 comments Hi. This is a young adult fantasy and it is my first manuscript.

A group of teens struggle to survive after magic is released into the world.
While a group of soldiers fight to save a town from supernatural creatures.
They must fight monsters and learn about magic if they are to find safety.

message 24: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Messineo | 1 comments Naiya - you look like you still might have spot open for a Beta Read?

I'm looking for someone to give a read!

I need to see if stakes are working clearly and if the story line holds true through the book. Basically, is it setting and holding the spell?

This baby has been through much revision and needs new eyes!

The pitch:

Quinn is hiding in a bookshop in Arizona when she hacks one firewall too many and The Directive picks up her trail. She runs to LA and is recruited to be the technologist on a team striving to stop attacks on the electrical grid causing blackouts and riots across Los Angeles.

A quest ensues through LA, the Sierra Nevadas, to Utah and back to halt the invasion of the grid and save the populace.

AGENCY OF POWER is a tight 75k word near-future thriller that will entice fans of William Gibson and David Mitchell.

I look forward to hearing from you!



message 25: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 168 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (107,410 words). I would describe this as a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!
Thank you!

In the land of Fantacia, there are five Kingdoms that rule over all, each having its own species: Farian, Monstro, Mundus, Shifter, and Telik. The Kingdom's are constantly at odds and have been on the brink of war for years.

Hoping to take advantage of the Kingdom's disheveled state is Raven, a Mundus that has three-fourths of her body burned. Richard, a Farian with wings as dark as the night and an unmatched skillset with a sword. Colt, a Shifter with two different colored eyes who escaped the Shifter Kingdom and has unmatched fighting skills.

The small group wishes nothing more than to take over the Kingdom's and claim the thrones for themselves. However, one day Raven runs into the entity of Death, and he forces them to derail their plan and follow his, unknown to Richard and Colt. Raven has to go to the Kingdom that she never wanted to see again, the Mundus Kingdom. There, the group's secrets and pasts begin to slowly rise to the surface, threatning their plans. Raven is forced to do as Death says, which begins to take a physical and mental toll on Raven. However, they still have one goal - revenge.

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