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~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments **Not our plot idea, just borrowing!

Muse A is a collage student. Or at least he was supposed to be, he doesn't really have time anymore to go to school. A few months before his senior year ended, something happened that would change Muse A's life forever. His girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. Understandably, as a 18 year old, he wasn't exactly prepared for that information. They decided to keep the baby though, and the next nine months were spent preparing for their new lives as parents. Muse A's parents weren't exactly thrilled either, in fact when they heard that he was going to be helping to raise the baby, they kicked him out of the house. His girlfriend's parents weren't any more supportive and they had to find a cheap apartment to rent out for them and the baby. Both teenagers managed to get through high school and it had been decided that somehow if they could, they would both still go to collage.

They had a plan, until Muse A came back from a night with friends on day to find his girlfriend gone along with all of her stuff. The only thing remaining was the baby, sound asleep. Muse A has no idea where his girlfriend is now, all he knows is from a phone call saying that she couldn't handle taking care of a kid this early in her life. She couldn't throw away her life for this new baby. That left Muse A alone to take care of his new child.

Muse Be is a first/second year collage student renting out his/ her own apartement in the same building as Muse A. Weeks of crying and noise from the thin walls between apartments has been enough to urge Muse B to get up in the middle of the night to go tell his/ her neighboor to shut up. He/She is surprised when the door is opened by an exhausted looking 18 year old. Feeling grumpy and wanting sleep, Muse B offers to help get the baby to sleep. Muse B begins to help Muse A out more and more with a baby and eventually something sparks between them....


~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments Name: Ellory May Newman
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Ellory's image is one build of simplicity. Standing at a height of 5'7 and a build resembling what was once a past athlete, her body turns heads in a subtle type of way. Nothing dramatic makes her stand out against the crowds, but a type of perfection composes her frame that few are able to achieve. Her hair is naturally wavy and dirty blonde, typically falling to her mid back in a careless sort of manner. Hazel-grey eyes that rarely sparkle anymore hold her secrets and past at bay, while slumped shoulders and a lowered head keep the questions away as well. There was once a shine to her hair and a sparkle in her eyes that accompanied a matching outlook on life, but any observer could tell that those days are now gone. Now she blends into her surroundings with a simple fashion choices and a less-than exciting demeanor.

A true diamond in rough, Ellory has the makings to be so much more than who she has found herself to become in the past few years. What seems like a lifetime ago, she was once the girl who brought light to every room, every situation, and every person she came in contact with. She would float through life with a positive attitude and a shining smile, social and loved by everyone in her happy life. Her dial was turned up to 11, and she had the brightest future right at her finger tips.

That was, until the weight of the world fell on her shoulders.

Real life hit her quickly after coming to college. The prim and proper world she had build for herself in her childhood was no longer a possibility, and the fairytale of a life she was working towards faded into the distance. Over the course of a year, she became an entirely different person. No longer did she shine, no longer did she stand tall with purpose and passion for the things she did. Now she approaches life in a calm, joyless way that in no regards draws people to her any longer. The world is a variety of grey's for her, filled with regrets and a touch of anger that follow her around everywhere she goes. This internal struggle doesn't come off in a stark and shocking way though; Instead, a quiet demeanor paired with a dull and tired attitude is what most people perceive. She is also quick to be irritated, lash out, and the first to withdrawal from an uncomfortable situation.

Young Ellory grew up in a mid-sized town, surrounded by a supportive and happy family that could have been described as perfect. Family functions on a weekly basis, an income to provide for a more-than comfortable lifestyle, a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood. Ellory herself was always at the top of every list you could find her on; Book-smarts to easily carry her to any career she desired, a starter and captain for every athletic team she was apart of, and a lovely voice that could sing for days. Her caring boyfriend was always by her side and her biggest fan of all, no issues had arisen in their 3 years they had together. Not a single thing had happed in her in her life that had forced her to toughen up that skin.

As her senior year drew to a close, everything began to change for Ellory. An unpredictable car accident left her without a mother and brother just weeks before her graduation. Her father, heartbroken without two of the biggest pieces of his life, began turning to alcohol and drugs for comfort as the months went on, shutting himself off as a viable option of comfort her as she grieved. Her boyfriend was at first an incredible rock, but as summer began he visibly began to drift. Long before then, Ellory had managed to receive a significantly large scholarship to study at a University half way across the country from her hometown. Her boyfriend, who was originally planning to attend that same school, suddenly announced that he would not be joining her, and that it was the end of the two of them.

Grief and heartbreak drove her from her home, hoping to get a fresh start at this University without having to deal of what she had been through. What she didn't realize is that pain will still follow you around if you ignore it, and won't go away unless you face it head on. Her first semester began, and the weight was still sitting on her shoulders without any signs of leaving. It wasn't long until she followed in her fathers footsteps and began to use whatever she could get her hands on to ease that immense pain. She became friends with the wrong people, hanging out in crowds that were going to lead her down a dark, dark path. Grades began to slip, her body began to physically change. Her father wasn't doing so well on his own end, and stopped sending her money to help pay for the things that her scholarship did not cover.

It wasn't until a mandatory meeting from her department Dean about her failing grades in conjunction with her scholarship that things began to change again. He knew of her situation at the beginning of the school year, and knew the potential this once-4.0 student used to have, and therefore decided to give her once last chance to pull herself together. Since the end of that first year of school, she's been working hard to pull herself back into a semblance of what she once was. Staying in her Universities town over the summer, Ellory worked whatever jobs would take her, making as much money as possible for her to be able to squeeze by. She moved out of the dorms and into a low-budget apartment complex not too far from the school. And now she works on herself every day, trying to make it with the one thing she had left going for her: Her smarts.

Despite her slow progression back to normality, the light inside of her has yet to make an appearance. But, if you were to look closely enough, it's right under the surface, begging to be let back out. Will it ever be pulled from within?

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Max | 42 comments Name: Samuel Jason Landon

Nicknames: Sam

Sexuality: Pansexual

Age: 18

Appearance: Sam almost always looks bedraggled and messy. The only way to describe the way he looks is basically constantly hungover. He never is, that's just what he looks like. His eyes are red rimmed and he always has bags under his eyes as well. His clothing is always a strange mixture of colours and styles. He obviously doesn't put any effort into what he's wearing. After all, half the time there's baby spit up on it his shirts. He's about 5'10 so he's not that tall but pretty average. He has a good build but slowly he's becoming less and less fit with no time to go to the gym anymore.

Faceclaim: Keiynan Lonsdale

History: Sam didn't have an easy life. He was born into an unhappy family and it has changed the way he lives his life. He was born to two very young parents. His mother dropped out of high school to have him and his father dropped out soon after. As a baby he wasn't exactly treated the way kids should be. His parents had no idea how to raise a child and as a result he was sort of ignored as a baby.

When he was about 3, his father decided that he wasn't meant to have a family (or at least that this wasn't the family he wanted) and took off. Sam has never seen him since and last he heard his father was in jail for fraud. To say that his father and mother had been in love would be a total lie. They stuck together because of the baby but their relationship was one of necessity, not of love.

All through elementary school Sam had struggled at school. He was smart, but had the attention span of a goldfish. The teachers annoyed him and he hated all the other kids in his classes. They all seemed immature and stupid to him. As a result he started causing trouble in classes and got into fights with other classmates. When he went into high school it only got worse. His mother constantly got calls home about him and his behavior although he always got good grades. In grade 12 he met a girl named Lyssa. She was beautiful, they had a one night stand and despite taking proper precautions, just his luck, Sam found her at his door one day holding a pregnancy test. He had been so sure that he wasn't going to end up like his parents, but apparently history repeats itself. Despite the situation, neither of them had wanted to get rid of the baby and Lyssa went through with the pregnancy. Sam knew this was going to ruin his life. He had a scholarship to one of the best collages in the country and he was going to give it all up for this little girl.

His mother, despite having been in a similar situation to him when she was a teenager, Sam's mother couldn't deal with him having a child. A part of her still held the values her parents had all those years ago that got her kicked out of the house when she was pregnant with Sam. Sam was 18 and he was legally an adult, so he was on his own now. His mother had done her duty as a parent, raised him to adult age and now he was on his own. At least he and Lyssa would do this together. But a few weeks after the birth of their child, Lyssa had practically disappeared just like his father had, leaving Sam in custody of a little tiny baby girl who had been born 4 weeks early. Despite everything he was dedicated to staying by his baby's side. He wasn't going to be like Lyssa or his father. He was going to raise her.

Personality: Sam isn't a nice person. Too much has happened in his life to make him a nice person. He is callous, swears like a sailor (although he's been watching it since his little girl came into the world) and doesn't take shit from anyone. If you have something to say to him, say it to his face. He doesn't like passive aggressive people and much prefers for people to be open if they dislike something he does. Be warned though, that if you complain too much to him he will actually slap you. He has enough problems, he doesn't need anyone else's.

He has the attention span of a kid and moves on quickly from topic to topic. He likes to do things that are interactive and is constantly fidgeting. He usually has loads of energy but since taking care of the baby he always looks like he's about to fall asleep on his feet. He is disorganized and even more so now that he's taking care of another person.

Underneath all that sass and aggression, Sam is a little kid at heart. He loves simple things like baseball and funny cartoons. He's amused by even the smallest things or terrible puns and he loves flowers and nature. Being indoors makes him crabby (so he's pretty much always in a bad mood now) and he needs fresh air to clear his mind. He also loves kids. Sure, he had no idea how to raise them but he loves them. Their little fingers and toes and those big innocent eyes.

-Board games

-the colour yellow
-Passive aggressive people
-stuffy rooms.

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Max | 42 comments ((I love making detailed characters too so don't worry about it!))

~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments ((Awesome, I love it! Unless there is anything else, let’s get this started! I’d be happy to start if you don’t want to:) ))

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Max | 42 comments ((Do you mind starting then? Sorry, I have classes))

~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments (( No worries! I won’t be able to for like 4 more hours or so... I also have class. But yes, I will start this then!! ))

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~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments Using her hip to push open the door, Ellory May Newman stumbled into her 3rd floor apartment exhausted from the day. It had taken quite the display of talent to jiggle her keys in the lock, balancing on one leg, and leaning into the door as she tried to keep all her bags from falling. Her arms were filled with groceries. Well, they were filled with whatever off-brand food items had been on sale that day, no matter how appetizing they looked. Regardless, it was the food that was going to give her just enough energy to get through these long days.

Dropping her bags on the counter, she moved back to the front door and shut it with a huff, locking and double checking that the bolt was secure. Locking up in this part of town was a necessity. It wasn't that the apartment complex was trashy or anything, but it was sure to turn up a few noses from the more-fortunate ones in this life. Looking around at her mismatched furniture, peeling wallpaper, and patched up windows, she knew that just a few years prior she would have been doing the same. But now here she was, living alone in a one-bedroom home in a strange city far from home. And to be quite honest, she still wasn't used to this change. Every day was a struggle to accept the new normal that she was calling her life.

Pulling off her shoes was more of an effort than she intended, leaving her even more drained as she made her way to the kitchen to start unloading. Like usual, her day had started early with her shift at the diner down the street. Getting in a few hours of feeding pancakes and eggs to the elderly people of the area always helped to pay the bills, despite leaving her sleep deprived for classes. She had quickly made her way to campus, shoveling down whatever extra food she had swiped from the back kitchen that morning, before plopping down in her first class of the day. As a Computer Science major, lectures were often filled with confusing and rushed notes, followed by time to write and edit various computer codes. And by the end of these classes, she was usually mentally drained and even more befuddled than before. Her day would then lead her to the library, putting in a few hours of homework before going to work for the second time that day. Currently, Ellory was working as a bartender at the local pub. But with school and a busy schedule, she was typically working late afternoons and early nights, bringing about the not-so-exiting crowd of creepy old men and the daily alcoholics. It was paying well though, and she couldn't complain too much for the steady income despite the less than ideal working conditions.

It was after work that she would finally have a bit of time to herself. Sometimes this meant the gym, sometimes it meant shopping, occasionally doing something fun with her small group of friends she had managed to acquire this year. But more often than not it was spent finishing up her demanding homework load, pushing herself to do better for more reasons than what she could count. And as she finished putting away the food at last, throwing an easy-cook meal into the microwave and not so patiently waiting for it to finish cooking, she slinked into her room to do just that.

Ellory had forgotten just how much of a mess she had left her room that morning. Clothes were flung across the room, books open and upside down littered the floor, and her disheveled bed all helped to complete the metaphorical picture of her mental state that day. With an eye roll and yet another heavy sigh, she found her way to her bed and curled up on her side, shutting out the world just for a few moments before she had to begin studying for her first Midterm she would be taking tomorrow.

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Max | 42 comments Sam settled down at the kitchen table, mouth turned down at the corners into a slight frown as he focused on the task before him. An old catering business wanted a newly designed web page. Their last web designer had quit when she had been offered a bigger better job, luckily for Sam, he had been there to scoop up the job before anyone else could take it. Like any business, the owner of the company had known that a clean web page can be the difference between success and failure in this day an age, and Sam was left to fix up the prehistoric looking website. Despite having focused on engineering in high school, his extra curricular coding had being his main way of making an income in his new life. It was a job he could work from home, which meant he could take care of Charlotte while he worked. At least, that's what the plan had been. As it turned out, getting work done was a lot harder than he had thought it would be. This was the third time in the past hour he had sat down again at this godforsaken table. The first time had been to feed the baby, the second to change her diaper and the third to put her down for a nap. In the past four hours, he had only made a slight dent in the coding he had to do.

Even without the baby's constant crying and whining, he found it nearly impossible to work in his apartment. There was one bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen/ living space and every square inch of the place was covered in something baby related. Sam had never been an organized person, even though he had always gotten good grades at school, he was about as organized as a toddler. He could hardly keep his own life in order, and now he had another little tiny life to take care of too. As a result, his apartment hadn't been cleaned in ages. Boxes of paperwork, recipts and baby supplies lay scattered around the floor. There were blankets and toys shoved into the sides of the ratty couch he had found and half-empty cups of coffee took up almost every surface in the apartment. The mess was slowly driving him nuts and it was hard to pay attention to the work at hand.

Sam had always been an outdoor type of guy, he hated being stuck inside and these days it often felt like the walls were closing in on him every time he took a moment to just breath. He had a part time job at a small technology company down the street. Mostly he just did simple math for the company, taxes, wages things like that. The good thing about the place was that they let him bring Charlotte to work with him. He couldn't pay for daycare and while he was on a list for publicly run daycare, it could be months until Charlotte could actually get into one of them.

Cracking his knuckles absentmindedly, Sam squinted at the bright screen. The letters and numbers seemed to tease him from the page, dancing before his eyes. Letting out a harsh sigh, he began to type. Mostly the coding was simple and he didn't have to think much in order to write it. But just when he started getting the flow of it, a peeling cry came from the crib behind him. He tried to ignore it for a moment, but it just kept getting louder and louder until he couldn't pretend he didn't hear it anymore.
"Lottie..." He sounded exhausted, leaning over to pick up the little baby in his arms.
"Please don't cry." He pleaded with her, obviously, she didn't listen to him. Rocking her gently, he slowly went through the factors that could cause her to cry. When he offered her food though, she didn't want it. She didn't want a toy, she didn't need to be changed, the temperature in the apartment wasn't too warm or too cold, he didn't know what she wanted!
"Please Charlotte..." He scrubbed a hand through his hair before starting to softly sing to her, his voice raspy and pleading. He went through every song he knew, until his throat was dry and scratchy, and yet she still kept crying.

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~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments Ellory only gave herself a few minutes of decompression before pulling herself out of bed and settling into her desk to begin the long night's work. After picking up a few extra shifts this last week, studying for this Midterm had taken a backseat on the priority list, and her grade was about to pay for it unless she was up until the wee hours of the morning learning everything she possibly could. So she dove into the computer, losing herself in the seemingly endless lines of code she was supposed to understand.

Minutes turned into hours quicker than she had anticipated, and her mind was wondering more than she would have liked. She paced the room, reciting the lines and trying to make sense of the gibberish on the screen in front of her. She also ate food as a distraction, and opened the window to drown out the noise of her own disruptive thoughts. The sounds of car horns streamed in through her open window, a muffled conversation in the parking lot and the cry of a nearby baby joining the chorus. She paused at the window, looking out into the now-darkened street before her for the source of the sobbing, but didn't see anyone passing by with an infant.

It had been a while now that she had been able to detect the wailing at many times of the day, but it was only now that she was realizing it must mean that one of her neighbors had a newborn. She began to run through the list of her neighbors that she knew, which wasn't a very long one. She could recognize some faces, and would categorize them in her head based off of the quick traits she could pick up in the brief moments of passing on the stairs. There was Blue Jacket Man, or Uptight Cat Ladyon the first floor, or even Ginger Skateboarder Boy who lived just down the hall. It was a pretty private complex, and no one really knew anyone else. She couldn't think of who would have been pregnant off the top of her head, but there was one thing she did know: That baby had kept her up multiple nights in the last few weeks. She would often stick a pillow over her head to drown out the noise, or would push her headphones in to try and forget about it. But today, a day when she was already on one of her last nerves, Ellory prayed that the noise would stop soon.

She kept plugging away at her work, deciphering the numbers and letters that composed what could be considered an entirely different language. At some point around midnight she shut the window, the on-and-off cries of the child beginning to get to her head. She soon learned that shutting the window did little to no good, and the noise kept droning on just beyond the wall. Her patience with the whole ordeal was running thin.

It was quickly approaching 2:30am when Ellory finally hit the breaking point. She had been stuck on a particularly challenging problem, the words before her blurring on the screen, when the babe let out a particularly high pitched screech. It was the final straw, and she shot to her feet and threw her calculator down in frustration. This girl was going to give whoever was failing to shut this baby up a piece of her mind! Sliding on her slippers and snatching her keys, Ellory headed into the hall and let her ears take her to the guilty parties door. She must have been looking like a fool, dressed in her slippers, sweatpants, and a loose fitting crop top with a messier-than-usual messy bun atop her head. Not to mention those bags under her eyes that spoke true to what time it was.

So she stomped right up to the door, pounding on the wood with what could be considered a few knocks too many. Taking a step back and balling her fists at her side, Ellory waited to see what kind of irresponsible person appeared on the other side.

~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments ((Once they start talking, my posts will get much shorter! Still trying to set the scene... But, it looks like you are on the same page as me already!!))

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Max | 42 comments "Lottie. Please. Please. Please." Sam squeezed his eyes closed as he walked around the tiny apartment slowly. He continued to murmur the word 'please' over and over again like a mantra. He was no longer trying to plead with the little baby in his arms, he was pleading to the universe, to God, to anyone who was listening. He knew no one was listening to his prayers though. He had long given up on religion and if anyone had been listening, they certainly weren't in the mood to help. It was just him and a little girl who weighed less than his groceries against the rest of the world. That idea scared Sam more than anything. Had it just been him, he would be fine. He could deal with most things that life could throw at him. He was tough, he could do it. But Charlotte was different. She couldn't protect herself, she didn't understand how cruel the world can be yet. He looked down at her, his dark eyes locking in on her olive green ones. She looked so much like her mother already. Those eyes that sparkled like deep ponds on a calm day. Even though she was so impossibly young, she already had her mother's lips and ears that stuck out just a little bit. It was going to be hard, raising her with the constant reminder of the one who ran away.

Charlotte just went on wailing inpossibly loud until he wasn't sure he could remember what silence sounded like. Just when he figured things couldn't get any worse, she spit up all over his shirt. That brought him pretty close to tears. He was wearing the only nice shirt he owned. Despite working in a cubical where no one would ever see him, button down shirts were a requirment at his part time job that he did when he wasn't home coding for companies. He had two button downs, one was missing two buttons though, and now Charlotte had spit up on the other one. Groaning with exhaustion he stumbled to his bedroom to find a shirt that was relatively clean.
"Can't you just be quiet for... for 10 minutes?" He asked the delicate baby in his arms. She just stared back at him solemnly for a moment before resuming her crying. Tearing off his shirt he set it down in the bathroom, putting it in the sink and running water over it as he looked around for another shirt. His room, like everything else in the place was an absolute disaster. Baby clothing and empty plates added to the already cramped atmosphere and he couldn't find anything remotely clean looking. Letting out a ragged breath, he paused for a moment just in time to hear someone pounding on the door.

He stood motionless for a second, unsure if he had just imagined the sounds but as the pounding continued, his hopes that it had just been his over active imagination was dashed. Picking up the still crying Charlotte he scrambled over to the door, already dreading the interaction that was going to take place. He had already gotten two complaints about the crying. Opening the door hesitantly, he let his gaze settle on an extremely beautiful, extremely angry looking woman.
"Um..." He trailed off slowly. He had spent so much time with the baby that he practically forgot how to interact with adults.
"Can I help you?" He asked somewhat angrily, as if her coming to his door was a personal attack. He usually wouldn't have been so rude but he was exhausted.

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~ Sidewalk Flowers ~ | 185 comments Ellory had been lightly bouncing on the balls of her feet outside the room, not-so patiently waiting for that door to open and the offender to show themselves. She could clearly tell that the person was moving towards the door solely based on the fact that the cries slowly became louder and more intense as the baby moved towards the thinner wood. Gosh, if it was that loud through the door, how was the person holding the child not deaf yet? Maybe that was why the crying had continued for so long... Maybe the person had gone completely deaf from having to live with that thing-

With a burst the door swung open, both of them caught like deer in headlights for a brief moment as they studied one another across the frame. It was a he, not a her that answered her knocks. And he was absolutely gorgeous. Despite the bags under his eyes, the child in his arms, and the weight of the world holding his shoulders down, he was the epitome of the kind of man that commonly caught her eye. The breath caught in her throat at the sheer sigh of them, noticing that he too was stumbling over words that should have come easily. And was that a once-over of her body? It was probably that they were both just exhausted, irritated and finding basic thought processes difficult to comprehend at this hour of the morning. She blinked a few times rather rapidly, trying to clear her head long enough to tell this man and his screaming child that they better shut it.

His words finally brought her back to reality, a spark lighting inside of her at the inconsiderate and snappy question that seemed to be his introduction. "Yes you can help me. You can help me and all of us within a 2 block radius by making that child quiet down and go to bed..." Her voice trailed off at the last part, eyes finally looking down at the baby for the first time. The wailing had actually paused for a second when the door had initially opened, it's eyes sliding over Ellory as if to determine if she was worth stopping her tantrum for. But the kid had decided that she was nothing special, and kept on her roll. Based off the red eyes, the white, clenched little fists, and the exhausted looking adult trying to sooth her, it seemed as if no progress in this department had been made.

It made her for a brief time feel bad for them, knowing the boy was probably doing all he could to soothe the situation, and that she shouldn't make him feel any worse than he probably already did. But, when it was the middle of the night and lines of codes were still swimming across her vision, there was no room for her to be nice. "Do you realize what time it is? Or that fact that no one in this complex can even think about sleeping?"

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Max | 42 comments Sam leaned against the doorframe, too tired to depend on his feet to keep him upright. He had never seen this girl before. Perhaps she had just moved in, although it was more likely that they had never met because he hardly ever got outside anymore. Plus, the complex was full of people who prefered to stay in their own private bubbles. He had only ever talked to maybe 3 neighbours and two of those instances had been because of Charlotte's night long crying sessions. Other than that, he had only caught glimpses of neighbours and he was sure that if he had seen the girl standing before him, he would remember it. Even with his exhaustion threatening to shut down his entire brain, the primal part of him still understood just how beautiful she was. Tired looking, yes. Messy looking, yes. Angry looking, yes. But also very very pretty.

Having almost lost the ability to multi-task, as these thoughts ran through his head he completely stopped listening to what she was saying. Although with the angry look on her face, he didn't even have to listen to her to know what she was scowling about.
"Huh?" He asked, pulling himself back into reality. Slowly he tried to recall what she had just said to him and frowned tiredly when he did.
"I do know what time it is actually. It's 2:39 am. Exactly 14 hours since I last actually slept. Do you think I wouldn't quiet her down if I could?" He growled at her. All semblance of a polite human conversation had gone out the window. He was too tired to even deal with his own child, much less adults. Although he truly appreciated that adults were able to use words to describe their grievances rather than just scream at the top of their lungs hoping he would understand them.

Charlotte sniffled softly, letting her crying die down again as she took a few breaths. The silence allowed Sam to think a little bit better and he forced himself to soften his tone. It wasn't her fault that his baby wouldnt' shut up. He felt bad that he was keeping her up, although it wasn't really in his control.
"Look...." He paused, realizing he didn't know her name before continuing.
"I'm trying here, and i'm sorry we're keeping you awake." He said sincerely before trying to add some humor to the situation.
"If you'd like to try and quiet the demon... be my guest!" He told her with a feeble smile.

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Max | 42 comments Hey just checking in! Let me know if you want to pause this rp or anything.

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