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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children's Sci Fi Book about a boy disappearing due to social anxiety, has a time travelling janitor who saves him

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Sophie Wu | 1 comments EDIT: the following is the premise only, so no spoilers :)

So basically, what happens in this book is that this boy called Simon (I think?) is constantly bullied by his school mates because his shyness and he begins to disappear because of it. He lives with his dad only. His last name sounded like "poo poo," which also adds to why he gets bullied at school. At some point early in the story, he has to clean the bathrooms with the school janitor. It turns out that the janitor can time travel, and she wants to save Simon from disappearing altogether at the risk of her job. I read this book around... earlier than 2013, but no later than 2008. Thank you for the help!

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