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Elusive Promise (Off The Grid: FBI, #4)
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Theresa | 6050 comments Now this is much more to my liking for romantic suspense/action fluff! I liked this 4th entry in Freethy's Off the Grid series! This series features a group of FBI agents that teamed up during training at Quantico and have remained close ever since. Each book of the series has centered on one of the agents, with life-threatening incidents occurring that force them 'off the grid' and give rise to suspicions of both a mole in the FBI and that the father of another of the group, who died during a training exercise at Quantico, is out for revenge of some kind.

Parisa is invited to the engagement party in NYC of a childhood friend, held at the consulate for the tiny Asian country from which the bride-to-be Jasmine and her family come. During the course of the evening, Parisa and Jasmine go upstairs in the embassy for some 'girl talk', however, kidnappers release a toxin into the venting system of the room they are occupying, then kidnap Jasmine and the one of a kind ginormous blue diamond engagement ring on her finger. Parisa, trying to fight off the effects of the toxin, is rescued by a handsome stranger who disappears as soon as he knows she is reviving and safe. Naturally, they meet up again when Jared once again saves her life when she is attacked in an FBI safe house. From that point on, they stay 'off the grid' and the action does not really cease until the very end.

We only learn who Jared is gradually, but we do know early on that he's after the terrorists who bombed a cafe in Paris a few months earlier. Parisa is an FBI agent, assured, skilled, but with the heart to make a priority of saving the kidnap victim then bringing down the terrorists. They manage to compromise and work together to a satisfying conclusion. Along the way, Parisa and her colleagues become convinced that someone they know is the puppeteer and is manipulating them out of revenge. There's one more in the series ... can't wait!

Theresa | 6050 comments One serious ding though: author treats NYC as if it is a city where everyone drives and no one uses taxis or subways. Um , no, people do not find convenient underground parking garages in office buildings, hotels, or apartment buildings. There are some here and there, yes, but not as suggested here. Nor would anyone have been able to leave their car in a convenient alley in Manhattan, or find parking on the street. They all would have been using cabs and subways. Oh, and that tunnel? Could never exist.

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