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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen | 258 comments 4 stars.

I wanted to read Randomizer books to find great books that I would not normally read, but have been on a run of 3 star picks lately. This book has broken that run. I loved it.

The plot originally sounded a little ludicrous to me (I dislike clothes shopping though). A London char sees a £450 Dior dress in her employer's wardrobe and longs to own a dress like it herself. We follow her through the years it takes her to save up the funds and her trip to Paris. Along the way she makes new friends, overcomes some of her own prejudices and both changes other people's lives and allows them to change hers. The ending is sad, happy and satisfying, all at once. Goals can be realized, with determination, hardwork and bravery.

The book is a quick read but that is partly because it is so hard to put down. I highly recommend it.

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1001shelf | 1054 comments Mod
I would prefer that you post this on the review that is under the title of Mrs. 'arris Goes to Paris. I won't be making two links and the other is older. If you want yours included with others. I would move it there.

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